Global Internet of Things Big Data Market Report 2020-2025: Evaluate the Technologies, Companies, and Solutions for Leveraging Big Data Tools and Advanced Analytics for IoT Data Processing

Dublin, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Big Data in Internet of Things: IoT Data Management, Analytics, and Decision Making 2020 - 2025" report has been added to's offering.

This report evaluates the technologies, companies, and solutions for leveraging big data tools and advanced analytics for IoT data processing. Emphasis is placed on leveraging IoT data for process improvement, new and improved products, and ultimately enterprise IoT data syndication. The report includes detailed forecasts for 2020 through 2025.

Data that is uncorrelated and does not have a pre-defined data model and is not organized in a pre-defined manner requires special handling and analytics techniques. The common industry term, big data, represents unstructured data sets that are large, complex, and prohibitively difficult to process using traditional management tools. As the Internet of Things (IoT) progresses, there will be an increasingly large amount of unstructured machine data. The growing amount of human-oriented and machine-generated data will drive substantial opportunities for AI support of unstructured data analytics solutions.

Big data in IoT is different from conventional IoT and thus will require more robust, agile and scalable platforms, analytical tools and data storage systems than conventional big data infrastructure. Looking beyond data management processes, IoT data itself will become extremely valuable as an agent of change for product development as well as identification of supply gaps and realization of unmet demands.

Big data and analytics will increase in importance as IoT evolves to become more commonplace. Data generated through sensors embedded in various things/objects will generate massive amounts of unstructured (big) data on a real-time basis that holds the promise for intelligence and insights for dramatically improved decision processes.

Big data in IoT is also dissimilar than non-machine related analytics and thus will require more robust, agile and scalable platforms, analytics tools, and data storage systems than conventional infrastructure. Due to this new architecture approach, the need to handle data differently, and the sheer volume of unstructured data, there will be great opportunities for big data in IoT. Analytics used in IoT will become an enabler for the entire IoT ecosystem as enterprise begin to take advantage of new business opportunities such as syndicating their own data.

Target Audience:

  • ICT infrastructure suppliers
  • Big Data and analytics companies
  • Data as a Service (DaaS) companies
  • Application developers and aggregators
  • Cloud-based service providers of all types
  • Managed service and middleware companies
  • Data processing and management companies

Report Benefits:

  • Forecasts (global, regional, and by industry) to 2025
  • Understand the role and importance of big data in IoT
  • Identify key market issues and drivers for big data in IoT
  • Identify leading companies for big data and analytics in IoT
  • Understand the emerging vendor ecosystem for big data in IoT
  • Identify areas for infrastructure, platform, and software investment

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

2 Big Data in Internet of Things
2.1 Big Data Framework for IoT
2.2 Need for New Protocols, Platforms, Streaming and Parsing, Software and Analytical Tools
2.2.1 Big Data in IoT will need Unified Logging Layer
2.2.2 Big Data in IoT Data Formats
2.2.3 Big Data in IoT Protocols
2.2.4 Big Data in IoT Protocols for Network Interoperability
2.2.5 Big Data in IoT Data Processing Scalability
2.3 Big Data in IoT Challenges
2.3.2 Data Security and Personal Information Privacy Challenges

3 Big Data in IoT Business Trends and Predictions
3.1 Large Companies Partnerships and M&A
3.2 Big Data as a Service for IoT Becomes Mainstream
3.3 M2M Analytics and Cloud Services will be Early Beneficiaries
3.4 Cybersecurity for Big Data Analytics in IoT
3.5 Flexible and Scalable Revenue Models for Big Data Services
3.6 Big Data Operational Savings and New Business Models

4 Big Data in IoT Vendor Ecosystem
4.1 Cloud-based Analytics Platforms for IoT
4.2 Cloud-based Data Storage Service and Management Toolsets
4.3 Big Data Processing for Massive Data Analysis
4.4 Compute, Store, and Analyze Data at the Edge of Networks
4.5 Predictive Platforms and Solutions
4.6 Cloud-based Analytics Systems for IoT
4.7 Database System Upgrades and Evolution
4.8 Analytics Platform Upgrades and Evolution
4.9 Real-Time DDS and Comprehensive Messaging Platforms

5 Big Data in IoT Market Analysis and Forecasts
5.1 Driving Factors for Big Data in IoT
5.1.1 Consumer IoT
5.1.2 Industrial IoT
5.1.3 Enterprise IoT
5.1.4 Government IoT
5.2 Overall Global Market for Big Data in IoT 2020 - 2025
5.3 Global Big Data Solutions in IoT Market 2020 - 2025
5.4 Global Big Data in IoT Hardware, Software, and Services 2020 - 2025
5.5 Global Big Data in IoT Products and Services 2020 - 2025
5.5.1 Market for Big Data Collection in IoT 2020 - 2025
5.5.2 Market for Big Data Storage in IoT 2020 - 2025
5.5.3 Market for Big Data Analytics and Applications in IoT 2018 - 2025
5.5.4 Markets for Big Data as a Service in IoT 2018 to 2025
5.6 Big Data in IoT by Industry 2020 - 2025
5.6.1 Big Data in IoT for Building Automation 2020 - 2025
5.6.2 Big Data in IoT for Consumer Electronics 2020 - 2025
5.6.3 Big Data in IoT for Financial Services 2020 - 2025
5.6.4 Big Data in IoT for Government 2020 - 2025
5.6.5 Big Data in IoT for Healthcare 2020 - 2025
5.6.6 Big Data in IoT for Manufacturing 2020 - 2025
5.6.7 Big Data in IoT for Oil and Gas 2018 to 2025
5.6.8 Big Data in IoT for Retail Industry 2020 - 2025
5.6.9 Big Data in IoT for ICT Industry 2020 - 2025
5.6.10 Big Data in IoT for Transport and Cargo 2020 - 2025
5.6.11 Big Data in IoT for Utilities Industry 2020 - 2025

6 Key Companies
6.1 1010Data (Advance Communication Corp.)
6.2 Accenture
6.3 Actian Corporation
6.4 AdvancedMD
6.5 Alation
6.6 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
6.7 Alpine Data Labs
6.8 Alteryx
6.9 Amazon
6.10 Anova Data
6.11 Apache Software Foundation
6.12 Apple Inc.
6.13 APTEAN (Formerly CDC Software)
6.14 Athena Health Inc.
6.15 Attunity
6.16 Booz Allen Hamilton
6.17 Bosch Software Innovations: Bosch IoT Suite
6.18 BGI
6.19 Big Panda
6.20 Bina Technologies Inc.
6.21 Capgemini
6.22 Cerner Corporation
6.23 Cisco Systems
6.24 CLC Bio
6.25 Cloudera
6.26 Cogito Ltd.
6.27 Compuverde
6.28 CRAY Inc.
6.29 Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
6.30 Crux Informatics
6.31 Ctrl Shift
6.32 Cvidya
6.33 Cybatar
6.34 DataDirect Network
6.35 Data Inc.
6.36 Databricks
6.37 Dataiku
6.38 Datameer
6.39 Data Stax
6.40 Definiens
6.41 Dell EMC
6.42 Deloitte
6.43 Domo
6.44 eClinicalWorks
6.45 Epic Systems Corporation
6.46 Facebook
6.47 Fluentd
6.48 Flytxt
6.49 Fujitsu
6.50 Genalice
6.51 General Electric
6.52 GenomOncology
6.53 GoodData Corporation
6.54 Google
6.55 Greenplum
6.56 Grid Gain Systems
6.57 Groundhog Technologies
6.58 Guavus
6.59 Hack/reduce
6.60 HPCC Systems
6.61 HP Enterprise
6.62 Hitachi Data Systems
6.63 Hortonworks
6.64 IBM
6.65 Illumina Inc
6.66 Imply Corporation
6.67 Informatica
6.68 Inter Systems Corporation
6.69 Intel
6.70 IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium-IICC
6.71 Jasper (Cisco Jasper)
6.72 Juniper Networks
6.73 Knome,Inc.
6.74 Leica Biosystems (Danaher)
6.75 Longview
6.76 MapR
6.77 Marklogic
6.78 Mayo Medical Laboratories
6.79 McKesson Corporation
6.80 Medical Information Technology Inc. (MEDITECH)
6.81 Medio
6.82 Medopad
6.83 Microsoft
6.84 Microstrategy
6.85 MongoDB (Formerly 10Gen)
6.86 MU Sigma
6.87 N-of-One
6.88 Netapp
6.89 NTT Data
6.90 Open Text (Actuate Corporation)
6.91 Opera Solutions
6.92 Oracle
6.93 Palantir Technologies Inc.
6.94 Pathway Genomics Corporation
6.95 Perkin Elmer
6.96 Pentaho (Hitachi)
6.97 Platfora
6.98 Qlik Tech
6.99 Quality Systems Inc (QSI)
6.100 Quantum
6.101 Quertle
6.102 Quest Diagnostics Inc.
6.103 Rackspace
6.104 Red Hat
6.105 Revolution Analytics
6.106 Roche Diagnostics
6.107 Rocket Fuel Inc.
6.108 Salesforce
6.109 SAP
6.110 SAS Institute
6.111 Selventa Inc.
6.112 Sense Networks
6.113 Shanghai Data Exchange
6.114 Sisense
6.115 Social Cops
6.116 Software AG/Terracotta
6.117 Sojern
6.118 Splice Machine
6.119 Splunk
6.120 Sqrrl
6.121 Sumo Logic
6.122 Sunquest Information Systems
6.123 Supermicro
6.124 Tableau Software
6.125 Tableau
6.126 Tata Consultancy Services
6.127 Teradata
6.128 ThetaRay
6.129 Thoughtworks
6.130 Think Big Analytics
6.131 TIBCO
6.132 Tube Mogul
6.133 Verint Systems
6.134 VolMetrix
6.135 VMware (Part of EMC)
6.136 Wipro
6.137 Workday (Platfora)
6.138 WuXi NextCode Genomics
6.139 Zoomdata

7 Summary and Conclusions
7.1 Emerging Opportunity Areas within Big Data in IoT
7.1.1 IoT Data Management and Analytics Marketplace
7.1.2 Decisions as a Service
7.2 Evolution of Structured and Unstructured Data Exchange
7.2.1 Phase One: Limited Data Exchange
7.2.2 Phase Two: Selective Data Exchange between Industries
7.2.3 Phase Three: Expanded Data Exchange across Industries and Between Competitors

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