Informa Markets Launches Better Stands Programme to Ensure all Stands are Designed and Built to be Reusable

As physical events return around the world, Better Stands will transform the future of exhibitions by encouraging reusable structures, leading to better appearance, quality, safety, sustainability, time efficiency, and a better exhibitor experience and return on investment through the EMEA region

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

LONDON, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informa Markets is setting new industry standards for stand quality and sustainability with the launch of Better Stands, a programme aimed at encouraging exhibitors to build cost-effective, high-quality stands made from re-useable materials.

Informa Markets is embarking on this journey alongside exhibitors, venues and vendors to create a better experience for customers and a more sustainable approach to constructing stands at in-person events globally, aiding both the physical and green recovery of the events industry.

Changing from disposable stands to ones made with reusable materials will ensure easier assembly and dismantling, reduced construction times and decreased exhibitor waste by more than 90% on the show floor, accelerating the fulfilment of our carbon neutral target.

Informa Markets’ parent company, Informa, recently launched its FasterForward commitments which includes goals of having carbon neutral products and halving event waste by 2025. This builds upon their Fundamentals which set a standard for 12 key objectives to make each of their events more sustainable, working together with many industry peers and partners in a long-term effort to drive meaningful change in the exhibitions industry.

“We are passionate about providing better experiences for our customers. As we return to the show floor, we want to create an environment that is easier to do business than ever, with more consistent and quality standards, so that our physical events are truly better than ever,” said Steve Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Informa Markets EMEA. “When our industry works together, we are able to achieve far more than we can alone. We are grateful so many of our contractors, venues and customers were keen to partner with us to create a new future for exhibitions.”

“Informa Markets has committed to being leaders for sustainable change in our industry. We are working closely with industry peers to develop improved approaches that make the physical events industry better – better quality, better builds, better stands – all of which create better customer experiences whilst being more sustainable,” said Ben Wielgus, Head of Sustainability, Informa. “We are thrilled that our Operations teams across EMEA have worked together to launch this program which will significantly reduce the waste that comes from running exhibitions, particularly in exhibitor stands. That helps us reduce our carbon footprint and improves our wider environmental impacts. We are optimistic our association partners and peers will join us as part of our collaborative effort to drive the industry forward in a more sustainable way.”

Better Stands launches this month inspired by Informa Markets’ commitment to the continual evolution and green recovery of the events industry and aims to achieve the removal of all disposable stands in the EMEA region by 2024.

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