Maruhan Corp. and Billionaire Owner Chang-Woo Han Sued in U.S. Courts

Tiger Paw Enterprises led the law firms Morrison & Foerster LLP of Tokyo and Calvo Fisher & Jacob of Guam in filing a suit against the owner of the Japanese entertainment empire in Guam, alleging it unlawfully seized a major shareholder’s assets in a racially-motivated economic assault involving more than $500 million; Han and Maruhan Corp. subpoenaed

Hagåtña, Guam, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morrison & Foerster  LLP of Tokyo, Calvo Fisher & Jacob of Guam and Tiger Paw Enterprises of Los Angeles have filed a lawsuit against the Maruhan Corporation and its owner and CEO, Chang-Woo Han. The filings allege that Mr. Han seized stock owned by a family member unlawfully, in an attempt to exert control over the person’s personal life in a racially-motivated economic assault. The filings also describe the attempts by Mr. Han and Maruhan to cover up the actions.  Both the company and its CEO have been subpoenaed, requiring documents for discovery which will show the history of the shares.

Mr. Han owns Maruhan Corp., which he founded from a humble pachinko parlor and built into the biggest entertainment conglomerate in Japan. While Maruhan’s Social Responsibility statements claim the company is committed to diversity and inclusion, its CEO’s actions tell another story according to the lawsuit (read it here). The declarations in the lawsuit describe a campaign to pressure the shareholder, a native of Japan, to leave her African-American husband, and to unlawfully seize control of assets and hide records related to their ownership. 

The suit in Guam follows precedent and meets accepted standards between the United States and Japan allowing for the subpoena of documents for discovery. Mr. Han has been served. 

“Our client only wants what is rightfully hers,” says a representative of Tiger Paw. “The fact that actions taken by Mr. Han have been documented to be racially motivated is truly reprehensible, and we are confident that the information we seek will make what happened abundantly clear.”

The case was filed in the United States District Court of Guam Case No. 1:20-mc-00025 read the full filing here.

Read Maruhan Corp.’s Social Responsibility statement here

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Chang-Woo Han, the successful entertainment empire owner in Japan, who is estimated to be worth $2.6 billion.

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