Fattmerchant Partners with ServiceTrade to Power Payment Processing for Businesses in the Commercial Service Industry

ServiceTrade chooses Fattmerchant’s Omni Connect over other solutions due to its seamless integration capabilities and advanced technology

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fattmerchant, an integrated payment technology provider, today announces its partnership with ServiceTrade, a leading commercial service management technology provider. Fattmerchant’s Omni Connect solution, which enables software companies to accept payments directly within their platforms, will now give ServiceTrade the abilities of a payment facilitator, without the inherent risk associated with becoming a payfac, and provide its end users and their customers a more cohesive embedded payments experience.

ServiceTrade has chosen Fattmerchant over other SaaS dedicated payment platforms because of Fattmerchant’s bespoke approach to partnerships and superior technology. With Omni Connect, the commercial services technology provider can effortlessly monetize on transactions while offering its customers all the necessary tools required to manage the payment experience and accept payments in one platform, including card present, card not present, and ACH.

“ServiceTrade is a leader in the commercial service industry and is dedicated to providing a simple but powerful user experience,” said Sal Rehmetullah, president of Fattmerchant. “By utilizing our technology, ServiceTrade is separating itself from other industry players, while we’re further positioning ourselves as a dominant payments solution for software providers, especially in the commercial service industry.”

ServiceTrade is built exclusively for commercial service contractors including fire protection, mechanical and commercial HVAC, refrigeration and electrical companies. The software streamlines operations, improves productivity and provides an enhanced customer experience.

“Our customers process more than $1B in invoices annually, so we needed a partner that would provide them with the peace of mind that comes with a seamless and effective payments experience,” said Brian Smithwick, CTO and co-founder of ServiceTrade. “Fattmerchant offers advanced technology and expertise to guide us in the payment facilitation process, allowing us to avoid a capital-intensive process with operational risk.”

For more information about Fattmerchant visit, www.fattmerchant.com, and to learn more about ServiceTrade, please visit, www.servicetrade.com

About Fattmerchant:

Fattmerchant is an award-winning payment technology leader in FinTech focused on empowering small businesses and software companies to streamline payment acceptance, simplify operations and grow their business. With its all-in-one integrated solution Omni Connect, traditional software companies have access to an entire payments ecosystem at their fingertips. This comprehensive solution equips software companies with the ability to accept payments from within their platforms to help create an overall integrated experience for their users. Omni Connect brings together all of the necessary payment processing tools and services into a single platform, thereby allowing a software company to own and monetize the entire payments experience.

About ServiceTrade:
ServiceTrade streamlines service operations so commercial service contractors grow their service revenue while delivering amazing customer experiences. Its mobile and web applications enable online engagement throughout the service cycle to build loyal and valuable customer relationships. More than 600 commercial service contractors trust ServiceTrade to run their service operations. Learn more at www.servicetrade.com.

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