CETech Partners With FoxPointe Solutions to Provide Comprehensive IT and Cybersecurity Services

Rochester, New York, UNITED STATES

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CETech, one of the fastest-growing information technology firms in Western New York, has joined forces with, FoxPointe Solutions, a division of The Bonadio Group dedicated to information risk management (IRM) services to provide a full range of IT and cybersecurity services based on clients’ unique business needs, regulatory burdens and gaps in implementation and compliance.

With a strong understanding that different businesses must follow different compliance standards based on industry, size, location and more, FoxPointe Solutions works closely with clients to identify the shortfalls of their existing policies and procedures and to establish the changes that must be implemented for the business to be secure and compliant. FoxPointe Solutions’ services include compliance and attestation support for various standards including SOC 1, 2 and 3, PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST and more; information technology and regulatory auditing; comprehensive threat assessment through penetration testing and red team operations; and consulting around information security planning, cyberbreach incident response, privacy reviews and more.

CETech provides managed information technology services, implementing tactical and technical support based on clients’ needs identified through strategic consulting services. Upon identifying where risk management measures must be improved and what technologies (hardware or software) are needed to fill the gaps, CETech implements the appropriate solutions to secure the business and its data in compliance with all relevant regulations. CETech maintains an ongoing relationship with the client, performing the necessary the monitoring and patching on a continuous basis.

“Cybersecurity risks are increasing, as are the regulations guiding businesses’ risk management responsibilities. Now is the time for businesses to get ahead of these threats and implement solutions that will protect their customers, their employees and themselves,” said John Roman, President and Chief Operating Officer of FoxPointe Solutions. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with CETech, an organization who is as dedicated to cybersecurity, risk management and data protection as we are at FoxPointe Solutions.”

Through this partnership, CETech and FoxPointe Solutions are able to provide clients with critical consulting and advisory services, while also offering the needed technical and tactical support.

“We know IT management and FoxPointe knows compliance,” states Fred Brumm, Vice President of CETech. “IT in itself is pretty complex and can be overwhelming. Add on cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements, and most business owners don't know where to turn. The worst cases are when companies implement half-baked policies that no one follows which can cripple the business's ability to operate. This joint venture is a fantastic balance of IT management, cybersecurity risk management, and compliance. Business owners can now rest assured that their business will be compliant, secured and operational.”

Visit www.foxpointesolutions.com or www.cetechno.com for more information on these services.

Andrew Gleasman
Director of Business Development

About FoxPointe Solutions
In 2007, The Bonadio Group founded its Enterprise Risk Management practice to help companies navigate a growing world of interconnected networks, systems, and people, along with the risks associated with communicating and transacting business in that world. Since then, we’ve transformed this practice into FoxPointe Solutions, and have evolved into a full-service cyber risk management and compliance firm, bringing with us over 10 years of experience in the industry. For more information visit, www.foxpointesolutions.com.

About CETech
CETech is a family owned Rochester NY-based business incorporated in 2006. Now, 14 years later, through perseverance, hard work and super talented employees, CETech has built one of the fastest growing, premier information technology firms in Western New York. Please learn more about CETech at: www.cetechno.com.