Rogue Matter Expands Footprint with Strategic Acquisitions

The disruptive digital-first studio announced key deals in podcasting, video, social and gaming

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rogue Matter has announced  a series of key  acquisitions that will accelerate its position as a fully realized digital-first studio rooted in a unified mission: to disrupt the norm and embrace the rebellious spirit. Rogue Matter is a community of rogue-minded creators and fans determined to help propel the next generation of storytellers. The acquisitions bring with them a variety of content, distribution and social media assets, and platforms. They include the Secrets of the Sire podcast network, Epic Level TV, the podcast BadCoyoteFunky, and pop culture platform MovieSpoon. These titles and platforms join a large slate of developed content and complement Rogue Matter’s creative focus on tentpole and franchisable genre categories like comic books, action, suspense and the supernatural.

Rogue Matter has cquired both the show Secrets of the Sire and its podcast network, which provides the infrastructure for future podcast distribution. The show, renamed Rogue Wav, is the frequency for all things pop culture and the disruptors behind it. The podcast covers comics, movies, TV, and more – featuring exclusive guests and interviews. Secrets founder Michael Dolce and co-host Hassan Godwin will stay on to discuss all things pop culture with an emphasis on comic book related entertainment. Dolce, who will be responsible for running the network said, "There's this inexplicable personal element to podcasting that allows you to nerd-out over a topic you're passionate about and build incredible relationships with your listeners along the way."  Listen to Rogue Wav.

YouTube channel Epic Level TV is a platform dedicated to geek culture, founded by John Frank Rosenblum and Cindi Rice at Epic Level Entertainment. The channel, rebranded as Rogue Matter, will ensure that the company’s video content launches with a huge audience. The channel will be a building block for the company’s video strategy. Watch Rogue Matter.

BadCoyoteFunky has been rebranded as Button Smash. The acquisition expands Rogue Matter’s footprint on Twitch, becoming an anchor in gaming culture. Button Smash features hosts (and BadCoyoteFunky co-founders) “The BadCoyote" Sergio and “Booster Greg” Matisoff, as well as TV’s Casey, Dot.Chris and Jaysmac as they cover all things video game related. Matisoff explains, “Gaming is about community, whether it’s talking about those big moments in a narrative based game, playing with or against each other in a giant arena style shooter, or just hanging out on your own private island.” Renwick said, “It is this passion -- five years of podcasting, an entire lifetime of gaming and uncompromising opinions -- that puts Button Smash in the unique position to represent Rogue Matter to an audience that understands and seeks out authenticity.” Listen to Button Smash.

MovieSpoon, a pop culture news platform, has a robust Facebook presence. As MovieSpoon founder Aron Gibson says, “Facebook will play an integral role in Rogue Matter’s evolution; after years of building an active and engaged audience, it will be fun to see our community become a part of the story.”

“If DC or Marvel started today, this is how they would do it,” says Chris Yan, Rogue Matter’s Chief Business Officer. “While we will always love the 22 page floppies, today the primary ways content is consumed is more about video, podcasts and eBooks. It is our intention to control our own distribution and be aggressively multi-platform.”

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Rogue Matter is a new universe created by rebellious comic book / geek culture lovers of all kinds. The global, multi-platform, digital-first studio and network is run by seasoned entertainment executives and outrageously talented newcomers--all of them true rogues. 



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