The Air Force Works to Accelerate Change As Citizen Developers Build Low Code/No Code Application Proofs Of Concept to Pitch To The 16th Air Force Commander

AF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO, Oct. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AF CyberWorx is facilitating a low code/no code experiment called The Other Airmen to prove viability and help build a business case alongside complementary Air Force initiatives such as PEO BES’s Mach5. AF CyberWorx kicked off The Other Airmen 22-24 September 2020, bringing together citizen developers from the 16th Air Force (16 AF), Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AF Life Cycle Management Center, and the Maryland National Guard as well as government and industry experts. With the assistance of C-TRAC, one of our partnership intermediaries, we matched twenty citizen developers from across the Air Force and Army with industry partners who provided free demo licenses and training support for the experiment. The citizen developers will transform their use case ideas into working prototypes to pitch to Lieutenant General Timothy D. Haugh, 16 AF CC, in March 2021.

“If we fail to adapt, we risk losing,” Chief of Staff of the Air Force Charles Brown explained during his keynote address at the 2020 AFA virtual Air, Space, and Cyber conference, “Accelerate change or lose[…]We need to work very closely with industry partners to deliver warfighting capability into the hands of our Airmen faster.”

AF CyberWorx works with military stakeholders, industry experts, and academia to refine problems, find solutions, and provide transition paths to improve Airman effectiveness. We are laser-focused on accelerating change to maintain military advantage by helping Airmen solve complex problems and advance capabilities. The Other Airmen experiment has high potential to provide Air Force citizen developers the tools to accelerate capability development and delivery from problem, to idea, solution, and into fielding. Rapid development increases warfighter effectiveness and Air Force lethality in a competitive global arena.


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