Educational Nonprofits Expand Partnership with buildOn

NACEPF and Mobile Beacon donate over $400,000 to support international and domestic educational initiatives

Johnston, RI, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The educational nonprofit, North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation, Inc. (NACEPF), and its subsidiary Mobile Beacon are proud to announce the donation of over $400,000 to support the educational programs of buildOn. buildOn empowers U.S. youth to transform their neighborhoods and the world through intensive community service. Globally, they’re constructing a new school every two days in some of the economically poorest countries around the world.

This year, NACEPF committed to building 10 additional primary schools and financially supporting the establishment of 14 adult literacy programs in Mali, Malawi, Senegal, Nepal, and Haiti. Mobile Beacon is funding the service-learning series that occurs in 28 high schools in six under-served urban regions across the country. buildOn’s Service Learning Programs empower students to become leaders in their communities by exploring the challenges they face and developing solutions through volunteer service.

“Mobile Beacon and our parent company NACEPF are once again honored to continue our partnership with buildOn,” Katherine Messier, Director of Development for NACEPF and Executive Director of Mobile Beacon said. “As an educational nonprofit we believe that high-quality education is society’s great equalizer, and is indispensable for the foundation of a thriving society. buildOn’s international and domestic programs provide high-quality education, teaches illiterate adults how to read, and introduces the importance of service-learning to high-school students. Also, we’ve been impressed by how buildOn quickly pivoted during the pandemic to complete the construction of its schools overseas and for its US students to continue to find ways to serve their communities safely during the pandemic. Mobile Beacon remains committed to supporting organizations focused on building community and fostering an environment of equity and justice.”

“We are so very grateful for our partnership with NACEPF and Mobile Beacon! Over the last four years, we have built 30 schools together in Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Haiti, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Senegal,” Jim Ziolkowski, Founder & CEO of buildOn said. “Each of these schools will educate children from some of the economically poorest villages in the world.  Because of the global pandemic, the stakes are even higher for communities living in extreme poverty.  NACEPF and Mobile Beacon have heard the call and in 2021 will help us build another 10 schools. So on behalf of generations of children, I want to thank them for helping us break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations around the world!!!”

This relationship began in 2017 with the construction of 10 schools in Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Haiti, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Senegal. It has since grown to include over 30 constructed schools, funding adult literacy programs, and supporting buildOn’s Service Learning Programs in U.S. high schools. In the past year alone, 806 people are learning to read through adult literacy programs, and in the U.S 1,571 students have completed over 21,000 volunteer service hours. 


About Mobile Beacon: Mobile Beacon provides high-speed, low-cost, mobile internet access to the anchors of communities: the nonprofits, schools, libraries, and healthcare organizations that provide vital services to millions of Americans every day. Through this broadband service, organizations have an essential tool to fulfill their missions and maximize their philanthropic impact, which allows organizations to access more information, reach more people, and help more in their communities. Learn more at

About NACEPF: North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation, Inc. (NACEPF) is a Rhode Island-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and the second-largest Educational Broadband Service (EBS) licensee in the United States. NACEPF’s broadband service, religious and educational programming, and advocacy efforts support education at every level. NACEPF’s worldwide philanthropic efforts focus on providing access to the resources essential to human development and well-being. This includes access to healthy food, clean water, safe housing, education, healthcare, and faith-based services. NACEPF’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Mobile Beacon, provides broadband service to educational, nonprofit, and community anchor institutions throughout the United States. To learn more, visit

About buildOn: At home or abroad, buildOn’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. Across the U.S., buildOn empowers youth to transform their neighborhoods through intensive community service and to change the world by building schools in some of the economically poorest countries in the world. Since 1991, buildOn has empowered more than 2 million hours of volunteer service in the U.S. and constructed 1,781 schools worldwide, with more than 240,000 children and adults attending these schools every day. For more information, visit


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