The Top 10 Performance Coaches To Be Following

New York City, New York, Nov. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In order to achieve, we must be able to perform. Whether that’s on stage, in competition or just under pressure from the challenges of life, the ability to perform at our best is essential. For many of us however, it can often be a challenge to perform at our peak, leading to average results - far less than we know we should be achieving. According to Boost Media Agency, a performance coach is essential to be able to perform at your absolute peak, no matter what arena you’re in. Each with their own unique skill set and coaching method, here we present the 10 performance coaches you need to be following. 

Lachie Stuart (@lachlanstuart)

Lachie Stuart is the founder of The Man That Can Project, a global movement created to empower men by awakening them to who they truly are. For over two years, Lachie has helped hundreds of men gain the confidence they desire and transform their mindset from “I’m lost” to “I’m in control of my life”. His movement is centred around the belief that cultural conditioning must be broken in order for men to live a life with confidence, freedom, and happiness. 

The programs that Lachie and his team designed are based on real-life experiences, encompassing eight key areas in life; finances, physical health, mental and emotional health, lifestyle, love and relationships, career, family & friends, and spiritual growth. 

Joining the movement is more than listening to clichés. All men who took the leap to get themselves involved in the movement have access to tools, resources, and connections they’ll be needing for the full transformational experience. If you’re looking for a community of growth-minded men who are putting in the work and supporting each other to make massive changes and momentum in their lives, you’ll find genuine brotherhood in the inner circle of TMTCP.

Elliot Roe (@elliotroe)

Elliot Roe is a world-renowned mindset and performance coach who helps those in highly demanding industries to unlock their full potential. The majority of his clients are involved in an extremely high-stress environment such as CEOs, start-up founders, UFC champions, professional athletes, Olympians, and high-stake poker players. Within the last five years, his poker clients have won over $150,000,000 and nearly every major tournament title in the world including the World Series of Poker Main Event, while his other clients have been winning Olympic medals and UFC championships. He also helped start-up founders take their companies from 0 to 8-figure valuations in just 18 months.

Elliot’s unique coaching system leverages hypnotherapy, mindset training, and high-performance strategies that help eliminate fears and breakthrough any mental roadblocks that come in the way. In The Primed Mind Podcast that he hosts, Elliot shares strategies that allow anyone to operate in a state of peak performance and achieve rapid personal and professional growth, in whatever endeavours they may be in. He also founded the Primed Mind app where he turns traditional meditation into something that is simple to use and easy to stick with. Download it for free both in the App Store and Google Play. If you’re looking for an elite performance coach to achieve incredible, lasting results, Elliot Roe has the knowledge and breadth of experience to get you there. 

Dr. Michael DiMarco (@drdimarco)

A high-performance coach that specializes in helping entrepreneurs, coaches and creators get to their next level in life and business, Dr Michael DiMarco is an expert at rewiring the brain in three dimensions – mind, biology and energy. Having pursued successful entrepreneurial ventures himself, including transforming the lives of tens of thousands and generating tens of millions of dollars, Michael knows that in order to get to the next level you must transform yourself from inside out – not learn another strategy or tactic. Sharing a weekly live stream in his Facebook group "Expansion & Growth" for entrepreneurs, coaches and creators, Michael helps those looking to up level their lives achieve just that.

Going beyond mindset and positive thinking, Michael incorporates brain-based transformation from a biological level, which fills in the gaps of what science cannot yet explain. Using time tested practices and ancient wisdom, Michael has been able to create profound transformations and results, time and time again. If you’re looking for someone to take your performance to the next level, Dr Michael DiMarco has the knowledge and experience to propel you to new heights.

Daniel Diaz (@peaklifenow)

 With a unique approach to peak performance mentorship, Daniel Diaz has built his company Peak Life Now, with a mission to create high performing, heart-centred, and passionate entrepreneurs and team leaders. Having formerly been stuck in a vicious cycle of bad habits, addictions and poor relationships himself, Daniel is now able to guide others through his own experiences - which include building multiple 7-figure hospitality businesses from scratch.

Through the power of his one on one coaching, Daniel is able to remove limiting beliefs and toxic patterns for his clients and helps them create a rock-solid mindset with unwavering habits - delivering maximum levels of achievement and fulfillment. “Mastering our energy is the most vital element to living a life of fulfillment and achievement. Anyone can be taught to achieve at a higher level. However, if we do not master the internal machine of mind, body, and spirit, our empires will be built on toothpicks only to come crashing down later” Daniel explains.

Focusing on shedding mental and emotional weight from his clients rather than the conventional fast paced approach, allows Daniel’s clients to find stillness, fulfillment, and joy in the present. This process propels his clients into a level of success that feels liberating and free from overwhelm. Thus, helping them achieve greater, life-long results, in less time. Daniel’s goal is to affect the lives of millions of people, by helping them regain their power and find fulfillment. He will help you master yourself, so that you can then master anything you desire in life.

Cara Lillian Gibson (@caralillian)

Cara Gibson spent almost a decade as a producer and new business director for some of the top global advertising agencies in New York. In 2018, she went on to take her skills and build her own business, focusing on small businesses and start-ups. Today, her business has helped nearly a hundred small business owners as well as grow profitably by using strategies from her work with global brands like Cadillac, Citi Bank, International Olympic Committee, Nestle, P&G, and Verizon Wireless.

Since COVID-19, Gibson Business Performance has been helping furloughed and laid-off employees make use of their skills to start their entrepreneurial journey and build businesses that earn profits even during critical times like the pandemic. She finds it rewarding to see people build their brand and attain success. Through her diverse set of skills such as advertising, branding, innovation strategy, marketing strategy, and project management, Cara will take any business into a complete triumph amid any challenge that comes in the way.

Cara has an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Business Innovation & Strategy. Her experience in the field combined with her immense knowledge in business and marketing will surely help your business progress.

Oriana Guevara (@coachoriana)

Oriana Guevara is a life and personal performance coach, a certified relationship coach, business consultant, professional speaker, and the author of The Brave New Masculine - where she offers transformational solutions to men on how to attract their soulmate and strengthen their relationships in every aspect of their lives and careers. Serving the needs of entrepreneurs, executives, and career-oriented professionals to become an agent of change in their lives, relationships, businesses, and careers. With more than 16 years of experience as a higher education administrator and human resources professional, Oriana has a lot to bring to the table when it comes to personal and interpersonal relationship dynamics. Her holistic approach to coaching incorporates all aspects of a person’s life and wellbeing to create transformative outcomes, this includes moving people out of their self-imposed limitations and into a new and more authentic, values-based identity of who they really are to create a new life vision for what they can accomplish. 

Partnering with Venture X, an up-and-coming co-working space and international franchise, Oriana and her team are the first to return live events to the downtown Orlando area. They offer free monthly networking, learning, and community-building opportunities to locals. These are hybrid events available to watch by interactive, live-stream webcast hosted by local start-up tech ViewStub. Thrive Thursday LIVE was launched for the first time in August 2020 and has doubled in size and following. Coach Oriana and her team are preparing to offer event sponsorship opportunities to local businesses. In addition, Coach Oriana’s comprehensive, high-performance monthly membership program for entrepreneurs, executives, and career professionals is currently on pre-sale and scheduled to launch on January 1st. If you’re ready to Up-Level and create different outcomes in your life, career, and relationships when you optimize your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing and if you’d like to do that with a community of growth-minded, high-performing individuals, contact Coach Oriana and get on your way to an exciting new start.

Brian Dunn (@lifewelldunn)

Brian Dunn is a performance coach with over a decade of experience working with both young and professional athletes. Finding his passion for hockey at a young age, Brian found himself having to cut his college hockey experience short due to head injuries, which is when Brian turned to find strength and support from the fitness community. Despite loving what he was doing and the people he was surrounded with, Brian was still struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicidal thoughts. It was a difficult battle to fight, but Brian still managed to continue studying and graduated with a B.S. in Health Sciences and a B.A. in Psychology, minoring in exercise science. 

When Brian realized how much men struggle with the same things, he committed to sharing how he navigated his life and career amid the physical and mental pain he went through. He helps them break free of their mental prisons by training their mindset, helping them take control of their nutrition, and challenge their bodies so they can feel strong and capable mentally and physically.

Brian also started his podcast, Life Well Dunn, which began as a mental health podcast and has now transitioned into human optimization. He also offers 1:1 and group coaching with a limited number of clients at a time to establish genuine connection and a place to belong.

Natalie Taylor (@winningnatalie)

Natalie Taylor is a transformation coach, a human capital development strategist, and a business development consultant who guides individuals in unlocking their abilities to reach their optimal performance and full potential. Prior to completing her MBA and rewarding career as a marketing and business development strategist, Natalie had already earned her stripes as a financial consultant on Wall Street. She started working with Credit Suisse, later joining Ernst and Young as a public auditor and worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Goldman Sacs, UBS, Leman Brothers, and National Australia Bank to name a few.

Natalie started her coaching career in 2013 out of necessity to accelerate the growth of a sales organization she started. After she registered Win-Win Networks Group, Natalie developed a Human Capital Development Program and Personal Development methodologies that would lead her and her organization to experience an enormous level of success. When she saw the opportunity to help more people using her strategies, she extended her services acting as a coach and has created tremendous success for both individuals and companies looking to improve all areas in their lives. Her signature coaching system, LAC, sets itself apart in the realm of performance coaching by helping achievers, business owners, authors, thought leaders, and fellow coaches unlock their fullest potential. She designed her system to support her clients through every stage and state of their lives.  She also created Business Architect Alchemy that aims to help professionals create their second or third stream of income and successfully launch in 12 weeks or less. 

Serene Hebert (@renegades_2.0)

Serene Hebert is a high performance and motivational coach, teaching entrepreneurial women how to live their lives with purpose, passion, and profit. For many years, she knew that she was meant for more but rather than prioritizing herself, she was busy meeting the demands of her family and work. So, she left the corporate world knowing her dreams lied elsewhere and set out to rediscover herself, to get clear as to what her version 2.0 would look like. When Serene found her passion in entrepreneurship, she laid out a roadmap that she developed herself and shared it with other women wanting to do the same.

Serene’s approach to coaching focuses on five areas, namely financial, mental, spiritual, physical, and relational. Focusing on their wholeness, Serene ensures that every area in her clients’ lives is in full alignment and working towards the pursuit of their purpose. Her corporate background, MBA, and her life experiences as a person and entrepreneur contribute to her ability to understand and empathize with people. By applying traditional and new age thinking, Serene helps her clients release their resentments, remove roadblocks, ignite their passion, propel forward with their goals, and live with intention.

Carlie J Guy (@the_social_connective)

Carlie J Guy is a performance coach and the founder of The Social Connective, a training and development consultancy with a passion for connecting people. Carlie’s aim with her company is to deliver custom training, coaching and consulting to individuals and businesses globally, to improve personal and professional performance. The Social Connective was originally established to improve the innate ability of individuals for greater performance and success. This is achieved through enhancing their potential, developing greater connections and having deeper, more meaningful relationships in business and life.

Training and coaching professionals to up-skill themselves using industry leading techniques, Carlie has been able to equip scores of professionals with the tools they need to succeed. By helping them develop their skills in multiple facets, they’re better able to engage with clients to provide greater value, increase satisfaction and ultimately, increase their revenue. Carlie and her team offer their services through industry leading coaching, webinars and masterclasses, and truly have a wide variety of training programmes in personal and professional development - on the most prevalent training topics.

Whether you are looking at training for your personal or professional development, or for the needs of your team or wider business, Carlie and The Social Connective can cater to your every need to achieve your most desired business outcomes.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing performance coaches, as they continue to thrive and help their clients perform at their peak. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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