Capital Market Laboratories (CMLviz) One on One with Okta (OKTA) CFO – “the world is going to change, with remote becoming the norm”

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an interview with Capital Market Laboratories (CMLviz), chief financial officer of Okta (OKTA) Bill Losch had a clear message: 

  1. Companies are going to be working remotely to some extent, and the result for Okta is that identity should become the ultimate security tool because the workplace is no longer inside the firewall.

  2. The COVID pandemic has created tailwinds that have been driving the company’s success, through the acceleration of cloud adoption and the realization from customers that they need to do all those things securely.

  3. The digital transformation brought on by COVID-19 is an accelerant that will continue even post-pandemic

In a far-ranging interview touching on the future of Okta, cyber security, and changes driven by COVID-19.

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