A Half a Billion Dollars Changes Lives

Mississauga, ON, Nov. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steve Morris, Founder and Chairman of EXIT Realty Corp. International, recently announced that the single-level residual income paid to-date by the company to EXIT associates across the U.S. and Canada has topped a half a billion dollars.

“If someone were to set about creating a real estate company founded and built on human potential, they would invent a unique business model which fosters an atmosphere of mentorship and offers a pathway to unlimited income. Then they would work to strengthen each individual from the inside out, providing the tools for them to learn and grow, not only as real estate professionals but as parents, spouses, friends, and neighbors. This is the company Steve Morris created,” said Tami Bonnell, EXIT Realty’s CEO.

The company’s business model known as the EXIT Formula provides the opportunity for real estate agents, franchisees and regional owners to earn an income stream in addition to taking listings and closing transactions by helping to grow the company.  During economic upheavals like those caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic where real estate was declared an essential service in some areas but not all, receiving a paycheck from EXIT’s corporate offices helped many associates weather the storm when they couldn’t serve clients. 

“EXIT’s Formula not only provides the opportunity to earn an income during retirement and leave a legacy, but it also helps to fill the gaps between closings for busy, productive agents,” said Bonnell.  “Through all facets of life and through all market shifts for the past twenty-four years, the EXIT Formula has changed lives a half a billion times. EXIT Realty truly is real estate, humanized.”

About EXIT Realty:  EXIT Realty is a company founded and built on human potential.  A full service, forward-thinking, real estate franchisor with offices across North America, EXIT has to-date paid out more than a half a billion dollars in single-level residual income to its associates. The Expert Marketing Suite™ including geolocation Smart Sign™ technology gives sellers an edge in a competitive marketplace. The Focus on Good Health blog promotes wellness at work and home. A portion of every transaction fee received by EXIT Realty Corp. International is applied to its charitable fund.  To-date, more than $6 million has been pledged to charity.  For more information, please visit www.exitrealty.com and www.joinexitrealty.com.


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