Media Mogul Takes on Borat, Gives Kazakh TV to the World on FilmOn TV

Alki David has secured the rights to Kazakhstan's National Television channel and is spreading it worldwide to counteract the bigotry of Sacha Baron Cohen’s caricature

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

Malibu, CA, Nov. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FilmOn TV has announced it has secured rights and enabled worldwide distribution for Kazakh National Television, which begins streaming immediately. The first, and still largest, major streaming television platform, FilmOn offers over 600 channels and thousands of on demand movies to its global users. The announcement was made by FilmOn Founder and CEO Alki David, who was angered by Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat.  Watch now.

“My plan is to help repel the propaganda against the beautiful people of Kazakhstan,” said Alki David, the Coca-Cola bottling heir. “My family has had business interests there for decades. “Borat has portrayed their people as foolish or backwards but the opposite is true. They are a wise people with a beautiful culture, we could all learn something from them.”

Kazakh TV is known for heroic music and full hearted love of the country and its culture. The channel broadcasts information about politics, economics, sports and shows the best feature films, and other cultural programs from the region. 

FilmOn also broadcasts classic movies, MMA and motorsports, news, and other programming in 37 languages. The app is available for all devices including iOS and Android. FilmOn also broadcasts live pay-per-view events sponsored by CBD pioneer Swissx which have featured Chief Keef, Scott Storch, rap legends Onyx, Keeping up with KardashiansScott Disick, Tommy Chong and other friends of Alki. The shows also present one-of-a-kind hologram shows by Hologram USA featuring Billy Holiday, Jackie Wilson and Whitney Houston. Swissx CBD is the exclusive sponsor of Hologram USA's shows on FilmOn TV.

What’s behind Alki’s love of Kazakstan?

“When I was a boy a Khazakh goat herder, Erasyl, rescued me from a mine with his lame horse,” Alki recounts. “He saved my life, I’ll never forget it… Erasyl in Kazakh translates to ‘noble hero.’ My father rewarded him handsomely, of course. Sadly, he was lost in an operation against Sadaam Hussein during America’s war with Iraq. It’s in his memory that I defend this great nation. That Borat would shame and slander an entire people, as a mere gimmick seeking money and laughs, is incomprehensible.” 

Watch Kazakh National TV now HERE.







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