Healthe® Unveils Air 2.0, its Most Powerful Air Cleaning Solution, at the Global Wellness Summit 2020

Lighting company’s next level sanitization technology, in use at the Miami Dolphins training facilities, is now commercially available

Melbourne, FL, Nov. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Setting a new industry standard in indoor sanitization, Healthe® today launched a more powerful version of one of its air cleaning products, the Healthe AIRTM 2.0. The Healthe AIR 2.0. will be on display at this year’s 2020 Global Wellness Summit, kicking off today in Palm Beach, FL. Healthe is the leader in developing and deploying sanitization, circadian and biological lighting solutions for businesses, government, schools and homes. 

“With this new product, we are leading the way in reopening our economy and positioning retail businesses, offices and schools to be one step ahead in the battle against the current pandemic,” said Abe Morris, Executive Chairman of Healthe.

The Healthe AIR 2.0. combines the germicidal properties of ultraviolet light and carbon activated filtration to improve air quality in indoor spaces. A quiet, high performance fan draws air through a HEPA/carbon filter and into a sanitization chamber where UVC LEDs target and inactivate remaining pathogens. Together, these techniques remove 99.97% of the pathogens in the processed air returned to the room. This cleaning solution can be adapted for almost any indoor environment, including classrooms, offices and shared work environments, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, senior living communities, tourist attractions and other public spaces.  

The next generation AIR 2.0. amplifies the UV chamber effectiveness by five times and is whisper quiet compared to the original Healthe Air. The 2x2ft and 2x4ft recessed housings install in t-grid/drop ceilings, ideal for new construction projects or replacement of existing fixtures. The product, which was tested and is currently in use in the Miami Dolphins football team training facilities to combat pathogens, is now commercially available.   

The AIR 2.0. is part of Healthe’s comprehensive, three-layered suite of sanitization solutions that utilize UVC and Far-UVC 222 light to sanitize indoor environments in real time, by deactivating air and surface contaminants. Significantly, these solutions can be safely operated in occupied spaces. In addition to AIR 2.0., there is a walk-through Healthe Entry ® (formerly Portal), which can remove up to 90 percent of the viral load on a person’s clothes and belongings in just 20 seconds. Next, Healthe Space ® (formerly Downlight) is deployed to continuously sanitize surfaces and air. 

In addition, at the Global Wellness Summit, Healthe will unveil prototypes for air and surface disinfecting solutions that clean public spaces in real time. 

Other Healthe clients include the Capstone at Royal Palm Assisted Living and Memory Care Community (Palm Beach, FL), Magnolia Bakery (New York City), Bluestone Lane Café (New York City) and The Blind Horse Restaurant & Winery (Wisconsin). 

Boeing has also partnered with Healthe to develop a Far-UVC solution to sanitize cockpits for commercial aircraft. 

About Healthe:

Healthe is the technology leader in developing and deploying sanitization, circadian and biological lighting solutions.  These products inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, regulate the body’s internal clock, boost performance and enhance sleep. Healthe’s mission is to harness the power of light to create a safer, more productive and healthier shared environment.  Learn more at and connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Introducing Healthe's new AIR 2.0

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