The Washroom Laundry Service, Local Black Woman-Owned Business, Looking to Help Neighbors & Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Washroom Laundry Service, a premium mobile laundry and dry cleaning service located in Charlotte, North Carolina, has adapted their business to the COVID-19 pandemic and is looking to help their neighbors and the community around them. Providing a wide range of quality dry cleaning and laundry services for all apparel and household needs, they seek to give time back to their customers to focus on themselves and take laundry off their to-do list.

Built from the ground up by Saichelle McNeill and beginning operations in 2016, the Washroom Laundry Service has defeated the odds to bring their service to your door today. McNeill has always had the entrepreneurial spirit and was inspired to bring convenience and mobility to the dry-cleaning industry. However, after presenting her ideas to over 50 local cleaners, she was turned down every time. The rejection never discouraged McNeill, and her diligence and persistence paid off when one of the cleaners who initially blew her off decided it was time to take a chance on her.

McNeill would pick up customer’s laundry from their homes or business locations and deliver them back when clean, even working in the shop cleaning the clothes herself. The idea was simple, and successful. Within 6 weeks, the cleaner she had partnered with offered to sell her the location she was working out of, becoming Washroom Laundry Service’s brick and mortar location.

However, just four years after beginning operations, the world was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small, local-owned businesses have had to shut their doors as a result, and The Washroom’s brick and mortar location was no exception. However, McNeill has shifted the business to a fully mobile model and has seen the customers come back. More than anything, she wants the community to know they are there to help.

“If I can help, I want to,” said McNeill.

The Washroom Laundry Service is currently assisting displaced families in Mecklenburg County and looking to do more. Their cleaning and sanitation practices are up to date with CDC and WHO guidelines so that customers can rest assured utilizing their services. Pick up and delivery are free, and packages and schedules are completely customizable and tailored to each customer’s individual needs. While their service offerings are extensive, McNeill also offers a personality that cannot be found in all business owners.

“I am proud to be a black woman owning my own business,” said McNeill. “And I’m not afraid to still do the dirty work either.”

McNeill may be a business owner, but she remains active in all facets of business operations. Pitching in wherever she is needed, McNeill will pick up, wash, fold, and deliver the clothes herself.

The Washroom Laundry Service strives to provide their customers with a service plan tailored to their individual needs. Some of their many service options include free commercial & residential pick-up and delivery, hypo allergenic products, delicate wash/dry, custom folding, iron press, stain treatments and more. If you are interested in The Washroom’s services or want to learn more, please visit, email, or call or 215.972.2742.

The Washroom Laundry Service, a certified minority owned business enterprise, is a premium mobile laundry and dry-cleaning service that provides Personal & Commercial Laundry located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They provide a wide range of quality dry cleaning and laundry services for all your apparel and household needs. They are service-oriented and quality-conscious, specializing in everyday dry-cleaning needs as well as specialty items and wash and fold. Our clients include major commercial cleaning companies, real estate properties, the hospitality industry, outpatient healthcare clinics, dental offices, catering companies, event planning services, salons, barbers, and spas. Whether the customer is too busy at home or does not have the facilities to handle their on-site linens, The Washroom will meet and exceed every expectation and ensure laundry/linens receive the utmost care and attention. To keep customers on the go, they offer free pick-up and delivery to and from homes or businesses. Our goal is to provide the highest quality commercial, industrial and personal laundry and dry-cleaning services and commercial management services in the Southern Piedmont Region of North Carolina.

The Washroom strives to provide customers with a laundry service plan that is tailored to their needs. If you are interested in The Washroom’s services or want to learn more, please visit, email, or call 215.972.2742.

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Saichelle McNeill, Local Black Self-Made Businesswoman