InsideView Launches Browser Extension and Consolidates Sales Intelligence Solutions, Enabling Customers to Sell Smarter Across CRM Platforms

The New InsideView Insights Includes Expanded List-Building Capabilities and 100+ Million Contacts for Better Demand Generation

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsideView, the leader in B2B data and intelligence, today announced that it launched a new browser extension that gives sellers easy access to direct phone numbers and email addresses directly in their prospecting workflows. InsideView has also consolidated its two market-leading sales intelligence solutions, InsideView Sales and InsideView Insights, historically differentiated by CRM, into a single cross-platform solution now called InsideView Insights. InsideView Insights has been enhanced with an updated user experience and new list building capabilities, enabling teams to create hyper-targeted lists for ABM campaigns.

With the browser extension, customers can now save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars as they no longer have to rely on other tools for contact information. Whether sellers are researching on LinkedIn or company websites, or working within CRM systems, they can immediately access company and contact information.

InsideView has also tripled its contact database since the beginning of the year. Customers will have access to 100+ million contacts and 18+ million companies in the InsideView global database by the end of the year. According to Gartner, the median B2B buying group involves six to ten decision makers. With InsideView Insights, sellers can now connect and engage with more key decision makers and influencers, shortening sales cycles as they connect earlier with all the relevant stakeholders in the buying committee.

“InsideView is every seller’s secret weapon,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. “Making sellers smarter and more efficient is in our DNA. InsideView Insights builds on our history of providing the most relevant, reliable B2B data and intelligence for sellers and marketers, wherever they work. Our new browser extension and updated version give sellers more data, faster, everywhere they need it to be.”

The latest machine learning and AI are used in the InsideView platform to surface the best targets for sales teams to contact and maximize email marketing effectiveness. While increasing the number of contacts, InsideView has consistently seen a 4X increase year over year in emails with +95 percent deliverability. InsideView Insights allows users to easily add contacts into CRM, build target lists, and refresh account and contact data. Sellers can better understand their customers and gain strategic selling advantage with alerts based on news and social insights.

New features in InsideView Insights include:

  • Browser extension. Sellers can access full B2B data and intelligence capabilities from the tools and sites they use most. InsideView companies, contacts, and insights are available as sellers view their CRM records, LinkedIn profile pages, or company web pages. Available on the Chrome store.
  • Increased list building capabilities. New list building capabilities available natively within Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable sellers to find information more easily with filters organized by company, people, and insights. Sellers now have more fields to search on for better targeting, and customized views to enable better prioritization. Sellers can build highly targeted lists with enhanced search filters, quickly find contacts from ABM lists, and increase engagement with prospects by staying informed with news and insights.
  • Access to 100+ million contacts. More contacts and companies in InsideView’s global database, with the most notable growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific, enables sellers to reach key decision makers and influencers faster, and engage with timely insights to drive shorter sales cycles and increase revenue.

“InsideView is the perfect blend of data plus functionality,” said Andrew Valenti, Key Account Development Manager, Nestlé Waters. “With InsideView we get the types of contact titles we need plus granular filtering capabilities so we can build out targeted lists, for both companies and contacts. Great move on the expanded database.”

InsideView Insights is available now for all leading CRM platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, SugarCRM, and more. For more information about InsideView Insights, go to: InsideView’s Browser Extension is now available on the Chrome store.


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