Essential Spice Announces Launch of eCommerce Website Bringing Products From Farm of Origin to Your Doorstep

The Essential Spice Product line is based on a foundation of family relationships at the farm level.

Atlanta, Georgia, GEORGIA

Atlanta, GA, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Essential Spice launched its eCommerce platform today becoming one of the first food companies in the country to cut out the middleman and provide unique farm-of-origin spices and products to your doorstep at wholesale prices.

The website,, provides a shop where all of the products are sold in quantities that support large manufacturers and restaurant operations all the way down to small independent restaurants, bakeries, and the home-based gourmet cook. The site offers hundreds of distinctive products including spices, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, mushroom powders, extracts and much more.

Coming soon to the website will be spice collections and gift packs including the “Grill Pack”, “Holiday Baking Pack”, “Taco Tuesday Pack”, and the signature “Essential Spice Pack”, allowing at-home cooks to get everything they need in one box, and provides a unique gift for any occasion.

Essential Spice, which is based out of Atlanta, Ga., is led by President Rishi Nagrani, who has spent his entire career focusing on the international supply chain of specialty foods from remote origins, and Director of eCommerce, Alex Scullion. The team as a whole has over 20 years of experience in the specialty foods industry.

“Essential Spice is about building sustainable relationships, creating responsible and clean cultivation processes, and positively impacting the communities who work hard to provide the best possible products, all while bringing the best possible price to market,” added Nagrani. “We are excited to pass on our hard work and savings directly to consumers all around the world, and to make an even bigger impact.”

Traditionally in the industry, the food products are purchased from the farms for pennies before changing hands to multiple buyers and distributors with each adding a margin to the product. Nagrani saw this and knew he could make a difference with Essential Spice.

The Essential Spice Product line is based on a foundation of family relationships at the farm level, giving it a degree of quality control unavailable anywhere else. It’s partner farms think of Essential Spice as family. At every product source you can find a relationship that took time to build, resulting in a high level of care being taken in quality sorting, preparation, and packaging.

“This launch creates a tremendous opportunity to further the Essential Spice mission of building lasting, sustainable relationships. We can impact people's lives whether it be providing top quality ingredients for the home chef, or helping a family farm reach a level of profitability they had never even imagined possible,” stated Scullion. “Food is essential in everyone's life, and we want to share the unique flair and flavors from around the world.”

Essential Spice’s mission is “To provide the most unique and high quality foods that are “Essential” in each of their respective corners of the world. We do that by first going to these locations in person to meet the people, build lifelong relationships, and find ways to help them build prosperous communities and businesses around these products. We aim to bring unique products with unmatched quality while always building up the local communities around these farms.”

The stories of the products and farms can be found at 

To learn more about Essential Spice, visit or check them out on social media.


A look at just a few of the many spices, extracts, oils and more that can be found at Essential Spice's new eCommerce website. Weighing and Grading Vanilla at a farm in Madagascar.

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