Ryan Sitton Announces Release of Crucial Decisions

Debut book explains how data can yield reliable results in complex situations

Pasadena, Texas, UNITED STATES

HOUSTON, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan Sitton, founder of Pinnacle, the world’s largest reliability data analytics company, is proud to announce the release of his debut book Crucial Decisions on Tuesday, Nov. 10, wherever books are sold.

Sitton explains to Crucial Decisions readers how data can help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. Whether addressing coronavirus, baseball or oil refineries, there are certain decision-making methods that can help leaders achieve the most reliable results during challenging circumstances. The key to positive, impactful results is driven by one thing: data.

“Since our decisions have become more complex, and affect more people than ever before, they are more crucial than at any time in history,” said Sitton. “Shifting our decision process toward quantitative methods will not only make the world more reliable but will allow more people to focus on unlocking even more creative and forward-thinking ideas. This could make the quantification of crucial decisions the biggest advancement in the world of data science. This book lays out the bold ideas to start.”

Filled with data insight and expertise, Crucial Decisions is brimming with information that provides readers with the key tools needed to make more informed complex decisions. Crucial Decisions will help leaders shift to a crucial decision-making mindset that focuses on data analysis and expertise in order to get the most out of complex situations. Throughout the book, Sitton draws on data to provide real-world situations to explain how readers can shift their mindset to recognize solutions and begin making impactful decisions.

Crucial Decisions is now available on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

For more information on Crucial Decisions, please visit www.ryansitton.com.

About the Author:
Ryan Sitton is the founder of, Pinnacle, the world's largest reliability data analytics company. He consults international corporations on energy markets, holds a number of patents in system design, and has served as chief energy regulator for the state of Texas. He has spent the last decade developing and applying quantitative methods to ensure optimal reliability.

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Ryan Sitton Crucial Decisions Announcement