NERD™ Announces Rebrand, Expands Online Marketplace and Local Availability as Beverage Industry Continues to Grow Rapidly

NERD™ Focus, the original Think Drink to improve mental acuity, is now shipping direct to consumers across the U.S. and in select local retailers in Texas, New Jersey, Las Vegas and Nashville

FREEHOLD, N.J., Nov. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the heels of Beverage USA Holdings Inc.’s (BevUSA) acquisition of NERD™ – a leading focus beverage company, the mental acuity drink announces its rebrand with a new logo that aligns with the product disruption to the beverage industry and resonates with consumers looking to enhance focus, concentration, memory and energy.

The rebrand is part of NERD’s growth strategy to differentiate focus beverages from highly caffeinated energy drinks in the beverage market, alongside national shipping and local retail expansion across Texas, New Jersey, Las Vegas and Nashville. NERD Focus will now be available through the company’s own online marketplace and expanding to larger online retailers soon, such as Amazon and Walmart, to further reach its growing consumer base. This online and retail launch is supported with a nationwide advertising campaign and sampling promotions through several key partners, with the goal of reinvesting NERD’s online sales revenue to continue to grow its consumer base and brand recognition.

With powerful nootropics and performance-boosting nutrients, NERD Focus is the world’s first “Think Drink” – the first beverage of its kind formulated to increase clarity and concentration, boost memory and cognition and support overall brain health. The focus drink is available in Green Original and Blue Zero Calorie, offering consumers a smarter and safer alternative to energy drinks with a refreshing citrus taste packed with vitamins and natural ingredients. The drinks contain both nootropics and adaptogens creating a proprietary formula aimed to aid mental acuity for those that need it most, such as: college students, health care workers, gamers, professional drivers and many others.

“We have developed a unique marketing playbook after launching NERD Focus in the Texas market, and we’re eager to expand sales online and regionally,” said CEO of BevUSA, Howard Davner. “More than ever, there is a need for essential workers to refocus their mental and physical energy, alongside everyone working or schooling from home that need a boost. We are excited to launch two new markets this fall, Nashville and Las Vegas.”

NERD Focus is infused with the following performance-boosting nutrients:

  • Huperzine-A: Helps maintain proper mental focus, memory functions and plays vital role in cognitive function of the mind.
  • DMAE: Helps with memory, mental clarity and increased focus.
  • Gingko Biloba: Known for supporting mental acuity and memory due to positive effects on vascular system, especially in cerebellum.
  • GABA: An amino acid produced naturally in the brain that facilitates communication among brain cells and aids in stress relief, focus and mental clarity.
  • Alpha-GPC: A compound with neuroprotective activity, shown to significantly support cognitive abilities, learning and memory.

“NERD Focus has performed so well because it is created not only to be a healthy alternative to energy drink consumers, but also with taste in mind,” continued Davner. “The team is excited to introduce NERD Focus to our growing and passionate fan base across the United States through our online marketplace, NERD Shop.”

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About NERD™:
In 2006, a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio on the path to med school witnessed his colleagues rely on highly caffeinated energy drinks with potentially dangerous ingredients to increase mental stamina and focus. With the help of his professors, they created a “Think Drink” and within weeks, had students lining up outside of his campus apartment to purchase his new drink – NERD Focus. NERD™ became established and began selling on college campuses in Texas directly to students, building a grassroots network of distributors and fans. After creating a very loyal following at Texas universities and local retailers, Nerd was acquired by Beverage USA to invest into scaling the beverage brand nationwide.

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Uproar PR for NERD™ Focus

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