Victims of Camping World CEO and NBC Star Marcus Lemonis Join Forces on New Website

Victims – who have been reportedly duped, ripped-off, and abused by the unethical practices of Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World and star of NBC’s “The Profit” -  are now joining forces and speaking out on a new website – The site features victim testimonials, pending lawsuits and news updates pertaining to droves of complaints against Lemonis, Camping World and CNBC’s “The Profit.”


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Nov. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following a slew of recent lawsuits against Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis - former customers, associates and employees of Lemonis have joined together and created a website dedicated to their nightmare experiences in dealing with the predatory CNBC star.

The site – – features detailed testimonials from customers and former associates who were reportedly misled and mistreated by Marcus Lemonis himself, through Camping World and by CNBC’s “The Profit.” Repeatedly, victims of Marcus Lemonis relay similar tales of unethical business practices, predatory behavior and intimidation tactics.

Camping World stories feature customers who paid for RVs and RV products that contained hidden damages, faulty equipment, and were built-to-break. Other stories describe customers’ difficulties in getting in touch with Camping World service representatives after purchasing faulty products, or the impossible task of having Camping World honor warranties for lemon merchandise. Others highlight a consistent theme of duplicitous sales tactics, fraudulent representation of products, and a glaring disregard for customer service.

The site alleges that Marcus Lemonis, who is facing a barrage of lawsuits from former customers, business partners and employees, consistently operates in a dishonest and predatory manner – similarly described in an exclusive Inc. Magazine expose in which twenty independent business owners also accused Lemonis of abusive and malicious practices.

“This site was designed to simply give the many victims of Marcus Lemonis, Camping World and CNBC’s “The Profit” a place to share their stories and join forces,” said Gigi Stetler, President of the RV Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA). “Camping World, along with its CEO Marcus Lemonis, have been operating in bad faith and mistreating customers for years. Now victims can share their experiences and keep others from making the same mistakes that could potentially cost them tens of thousands of dollars.”

Victims of Marcus Lemonis has even created a Facebook group to reach more people through active social media engagement.

Stetler is calling for all victims to come forward and share their stories publicly, with the belief that in greater numbers, Marcus Lemonis, CNBC’s “The Profit” and Camping World will finally be held accountable for years of destructive and abusive tactics which have caused long-term damage to countless lives.

Victims can reach out and share their stories through the site’s submission form. Additionally, those with claims of personal victimization from Marcus Lemonis are encouraged to immediately contact Stetler’s legal team at


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