ARRA Summit Highlights Emerging Technology Integration and CoCreation Nov 20-23

Gause, Texas, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) - The ARRA Summit (, a global innovations conference and networking event, has announced its in-person conference taking place at the Moon Ridge Ranch in Central Texas on November 20-23, 2020. The ARRA Summit will feature four days of conference content including keynote addresses by the world’s leading professionals in Blockchain, Space, AI and VR. Attendees will also experience mission oriented meetings, artist performances, a costume dance party, a burn ceremony, a harvest dinner, and other recreational events.

Innovators and trailblazers in Space Tech, Blockchain, AI, FinTech and Wellness Tech will convene in Central Texas for 4 days, on a mission to forge connections, meet global challenges, and pitch new technology for the future. The growing list of speakers includes SpaceFund’s Rick Tumlinson, Crypto visionary Jeremy Gardner, Capital Markets Veteran John Pigot, Andromeda’s Robin Arnott, BitAngels Texas city leaders Irina Litchfield and Matt McKibbin, and more. 

The ARRA Summit will be held outdoors at a 110-acre ranch, with limited tickets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To secure a ticket, attendees must be invited or apply to join. Many conferences have taken place virtually since the start of the pandemic and the decision to have the summit take place outdoors stems from the idea that virtual conference technology has yet to be able to deliver an experience that allows for a communal sense of bonding between attendees and participants.

Visit to secure your admission to the ARRA Summit.

About ARRA
ARRA’s mission is to create an environment that enhances the work-life balance by boasting restorative play as an integral part of the attendee workflow. ARRA has partnered with local Austin technologists, artists, and performers to create a synergistic weekend experience.


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