AirBox Air Purifier & AM Racing Team Are Working Through the NASCAR Offseason to Get Kids Back in School

AM Racing Team's Engineers, fabricators, and mechanics will work with the AirBox crew at NC facility to increase air purifier manufacturing

Statesville, NC, Nov. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NASCAR’s 2020 season has come to an end and for most teams across the three race series, the off-season brings a time for rest. Activity in the shops slow and the engineers get a little respite from building race cars and trucks. This won’t be the case however at the AM Racing team shop. Engineers, fabricators, mechanics, and the AirBox Air Purifier crew will be hard at work. The NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series team’s shop in Statesville, NC shifted a portion of its 30,000 sq foot facility, allowing AirBox Air Purifier to make a new home and increase their manufacturing capacity.

AirBox Air Purifier (AirBox), established in 2017, had just launched its suite of commercial-grade air purifiers and was deemed an essential business in March 2020 when many businesses began closing their doors due to COVID-19 mandates and protocols. NASCAR was included in those businesses ordered to shut down along with all of the race team facilities. The engineers and mechanics were forced out of work, meanwhile, AirBox was expanding due to an increased demand for purifiers as a result of Coronavirus. Their commercial-grade air purifiers are a solution to creating a safe indoor environment in the midst of the pandemic. By moving AirBox into AM Racing’s shop, AirBox was able to increase their manufacturing capacity to meet the greater demand for purifiers, and provide jobs to the mechanics and engineers who were grateful and willing to shift gears knowing that they would be helping thousands of people create safer environments with the goal of allowing American businesses and schools to reopen.

Helping to create the safest environment possible so our children can go back to school has been a top priority for the team at AirBox. As with all health risks, indoor air quality (IAQ) must be addressed in a proactive manner. AirBox has the ability to implement customizable Safe Air Plans to mitigate short term and long term health effects for students, faculty, and staff in schools. It is critical that when choosing an air purifier system, only a purifier built and certified to US Government standards be considered. AirBox is an EPA-registered company that has designed its products according to recommendations and guidelines from experts like; the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

AirBox is currently providing clean and safe breathing air to a variety of educational campuses within the United States including higher-education facilities like Rutgers University and Texas A&M, and charter, private, and public K-12 facilities. When these customers reached out to AirBox to discuss a Safe Air Plan for their facilities their main concerns were creating an indoor air quality plan that would address airborne virus transmission, improving poor ventilation and air circulation for the centrally located rooms and hallways, and implementing a portable solution that wouldn’t require drastic changes to the current HVAC systems, saving time and funding. Classrooms, cafeterias, band rooms, nurses’ offices, libraries, and auditoriums have become main areas of focus at the K-12 level. In addition to the previously mentioned areas, collegiate customers have also chosen to focus on creating Safe Air Plans for larger student centers, lecture halls, and Athletic Department buildings and locker rooms. Creating safe environments for student athletes and coaches has been of great concern as they continue to play. 

When discussing and building a Safe Air Plan, AirBox reviews each individual school’s specs, classroom square footage, and target occupancy levels to ensure the correct AirBox product, Peak or Apex, and the correct number of units based on the needed airflow coverage. These Safe Air Plans provided by AirBox are providing peace of mind to parents, teachers, and staff because they know they have implemented a true engineered solution that conforms to building code ventilation standards, creating a safe environment for those within the facilities. Once the AirBox units have been delivered and installed AirBox continues to provide engineering and other support to customers in order to ensure satisfaction and continued positive IAQ. The following testimonies speak to the quality and integrity of the AirBox Peak and Apex Air Purifiers as well as to the science and data that sets AirBox apart:

“This added layer of protection has given us the peace of mind knowing that we are doing our part to prevent the spread of sickness caused by indoor microbial threats and it provides us with the assurance that our indoor air quality is healthier and safer for our students and staff” - Michelle Piteira, Founder & President, Kidtime Christian Academy (Hamilton, VA)

“Making the decision to move forward with AirBox was easy. There are a lot of companies who are trying to sell me products right now, but the differences with AirBox were very clear. First, the product is engineered and manufactured in the U.S. And, the solution is backed by science and data, and follows CDC guidelines. Many AirBox competitors made claims about their products, but could not give us data that showed an ability to remove the virus and make us feel confident that it would protect our students, teachers, and staff from COVID-19. We accept that nothing is full-proof, but wanted the very best technology available on the market. The entire team, including their distribution partner, was professional and responsive, and worked hard to find solutions that fit our budget planning cycles. And finally, the product warranties and ongoing maintenance is minimal and requires little to no resources on our budget and team. We received our products and had them set up in our classrooms in less than 10 days.” - Ralph Hoffman, Director of Facilities and IT Infrastructure, Southwest Schools (Houston, TX)

“Having AirBox in our locker rooms, weight room, and coach’s offices has drastically made a difference in air quality.  As head coach and athletic director, we become used to the not so pleasant smell of locker rooms. We have tried several other air purifiers and after placing AirBox in our facilities the smell and odors were greatly eliminated.  We also worried about staph infections as that is often a problem in these environments.  After using the AirBox with antimicrobial filters, we no longer had a problem with staph.  We are very satisfied with our AirBox Air Purifiers as they solve several problems we had in our facilities, as well as, keeps our student athletes healthy.” – Head Coach/Athletic Director, Oceanside Academy (Mount Pleasant, SC)

AirBox Air Purifier boasts the following features that set them at a higher standard than most competitors:

  • HDPE enclosure on Peak-S model (High-Density Polyethylene treated with Antimicrobial)
  • 3 stage filtration including antimicrobial filration.
  • Built to run 24/7
  • A True engineered solution​
  • Made in the USA with the Highest quality design & components
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship (Peak-S), 5-year warranty on fan/motors
  • Certified 99.99% HEPA – meets conformance and standards set forth by ASHRAE/OSHA
  • High Clean Air Delivery Rate: 425 CFM – 880 CFM
  • Each customer receives a 3-5 page engineering document to quantify the Safe Air Plan designed based on the specifications
  • Scientifically tested and proven to remove 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses including SARS-coV2 from the air.

For more information about AirBox Air Purifier and their Safe Air Plans for Schools please visit You can also give them a call to discuss a custom Safe Air Plan for your school or business at (855) 927-1386 or email


The AirBox Peak-S unit featured in their classroom at Oceanside Academy in Mt. Pleasant, SC.
Photo Credential: Callie Cranford Austin Wayne Self, driver of the AM Racing #22 of the NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series, navigates through the 'dirty air' at Daytona International Speedway's road course race in August 2020.
Photo Credential: Daylon Barr

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