NBA Draft Pick LaMelo Ball Wears World’s First Camera Headphones Created By Award-Winning Tech Company MUZIK

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wednesday night’s NBA draft was unlike any other. Like most large events that have been held virtually this year, ESPN hosted the virtual draft LIVE while players received their career-defining announcements from the comfort of their homes. LaMelo Ball was clearly moved when he answered the call, as he was picked by The Charlotte Hornets while wearing the worlds’ first camera headphone, MUZIK VISION, while surrounded by his close friends and family. MUZIK’s partnership with LaMelo reflects their ethos of connecting culture directly through next generation technology and with Michael Jordan, majority owner of the Hornets, as a lead investor in MUZIK, the Charlotte Hornets look to be the perfect fit. By turning the camera away from the user and instead focusing on how they can inspire the world by using VISION, MUZIK has introduced a powerful new tool to empower content creators and other ‘MUZIK inspirators’ to share their unique vision, as they experience it themselves.

Generation Z has led the charge of popularizing authentic, organic, humanized content, which inspired MUZIK to partner with 19-year old LaMelo Ball. Much like LaMelo’s disruptive journey, MUZIK holds themselves to high standards to stay ahead of the competition. Their award-winning innovative technology allows users to listen, capture, stream and share photos and video in exciting new ways through MUZIK’s powerful SmartWare™ platform activated by voice, touch, and its accompanying Android and iOS apps.

Furthermore, SmartWare™ will allow developers to access MUZIK’s unique Software Development Kit (SDK) to create custom apps that leverage the audio, voice and intelligent camera features to create unique experiences.

The new technology that MUZIK presents has the capacity to not only change the course of music, apps, and video tech but also the way we shape our culture. The way people interact with one another is ever-changing; in a year like 2020, we’ve realized the importance of video content to connect with one another, to share varied perspectives and to document history in the making. VISION fills the void of a hands-off device used to offer a personal glimpse into each other's worlds. MUZIK delivers a unique approach to connection in an endlessly evolving social climate that craves creativity, authenticity, empathy and truth.

MUZIK has partnered with more than 80+ icons in the worlds of sports, fashion, music and technology to create a next generation product & platform, built by culture for culture. Investors like LaMelo Ball are joined by a ‘family’ of fellow MUZIK partners and global cultural icons that continue to inspire culture and fight for equality.

About Muzik

Launched by Founder & CEO Jason Hardi in 2012, MUZIK has been granted 130+ domestic and international patents for their next generation smart headphone technology and connected experiences. MUZIK’s small, dynamic and diversified team, based in Los Angeles, has pioneered a new market segment with their SmartWare™ platform. MUZIK’s versatile wearable devices connect individuals through experiences, including those powered by artists, innovators and cultural icons. With investors like François-Henri Pinault on board, MUZIK successfully brings together the best minds in technology and global culture icons to provide users with the best experiences, but also empower them with the best tools to inspire and find their own voices.

With VISION, users can enjoy custom Voice and Touch controlled experiences by sharing LIVE content through the devices’ integrated sound and sight technology; allowing users to capture sound, photos and video, hands-free, with ease. MUZIK VISION was created to empower content creators with a timely tool to democratize innovation and bring the world closer together as they share their unique POV.

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