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Denver, CO, Nov. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quietum Plus is a dietary supplement that aims to provide natural hearing support. The claims made contain a blend of vitamins and minerals derived from all-natural plants and herbs. When this supplement is taken alongside Patrick’s list of recommendations, individuals can anticipate a reduction in the noise-induced hearing loss while enhancing sharpness and blood circulation in the ears.

There is a press release, dated November 4, 2020, concerning the formula.  According to the press release, “ Quietum Plus Supplement is a natural supplement that helps to support the natural health of our hearing. After carrying out many types of research, this formula was discovered, a powerful yet simple formula that improves hearing health.”

Hearing is one of many ways to connect with the world and its crucial aspects. Above all, it has the ability to bring people together, which is fundamental to our very existence. Given that not everyone is gifted with such a sense, any potential hearing impairments need to be treated once identified. According to researcher Patrick Bark, healthy hearing can be achieved through natural means.

In fact, he recently shared what he believes can make a positive difference to one’s hearing. First, he insists that everyone should have a sound understanding of how the ear works and measures to take to prevent harm. Second, individuals should learn to train their brains to be more aware at detect and interpret sound. In this case, some simple exercises include going for a walk, writing down all sounds that one hears during the day, or even listening to someone read a book.

Next, the use of cotton swabs should refrain from use. The reason for this is that the ear and its eardrum are extremely delicate. By introducing an object like a cotton bud, the risk of puncturing the inner parts of the ear will be heightened. Following suit is a simple yet rarely followed recommendation. To be more precise, increased sound can lead to hearing damage, so individuals should think twice before blasting their beats.

Luckily, Patrick and the team behind Quietum Plus have found a group of select all-natural ingredients that do the trick. Read on to learn more about Quietum Plus and how the ingredients in the formula may help to hear.

What’s inside Quietum Plus?

To have a complete sense of how Quietum Plus is meant to work. Let’s take a closer look at its ingredients list. As far as ingredients go, Patrick Bark appears to have selected the following (per serving):

Red Clover (400mg)

Red clover is a widely known legume carrying isoflavones and phytoestrogens. Historically speaking, its uses have ranged from treating asthma and coughs to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Having said that, every little is available on its effect on hearing health.

Sage Leaf (200mg)

Sage is an herb that carries antioxidants properties. This is expected to tend to oral, brain, and blood-related health. Though this ingredient does not appear to impact one’s hearing directly, its ability to improve brain function implies that the brain can interpret and translate sounds received through electrical signals.

Black Cohosh (160mg)

Black Cohosh is a flowering plant found in North America. One possible reason this ingredient might have been chosen is that it carries select chemicals that resemble those produced by the body. For instance, it is believed to carry a component that acts similarly to serotonin, which is essential for allowing the brain to send messages to the rest of the body.

Dong Quai (150mg)

Dong Quai is an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance blood health and treat menstrual-related symptoms. In the case of Quietum Plus, the main focus is its ability to nourish the blood. Moreover, it is believed to help improve blood flow while taking down free radicals.

Licorice (150mg)

Licorice contains a crucial vitamin called vitamin E, which is believed to enhance hearing. The reason for this rests in the mere fact that it can help to prevent cellular damage and free radicals from exerting too much force on our auditory neurons.

Chasteberry (100mg)

Chasteberry is a fruit that is grown on the Eurasian tree. By combining its berries and leaves for medicinal purposes, one can anticipate increased blood flow. This is important because when the blood vessels in the ears are deprived of blood, it might lead to hearing loss.

Other ingredients with similar properties include False Unicorn (50mg), Blessed Thistle (50mg), Red Raspberry (50mg), Soy Isoflavones (30mg), Partridge Berry (20mg), and Mexican Yam (15mg).

How should Quietum Plus be taken?

Quietum Plus should be taken as a dietary supplement. This means that individuals should take two capsules per day with a meal. Bear in mind that taking any excess doses will not improve hearing. In fact, it is more likely to result in unwanted consequences. Having said that, individuals under 18 and pregnant and/or nursing mothers should refrain from taking Quietum Plus unless otherwise advised.

Finally, for anyone concerned concerning allergens, Quietum Plus is supposedly manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and crustacean shellfish. Ultimately, one must assess their health conditions before investing.

How much does Quietum Plus cost?

Each Quietum Plus bottle is said to contain 60 capsules, which suffices for exactly one month. That said, below is a quick rundown on different price options to choose from:

Moreover, international orders can expect to incur shipping and handling fees. Interestingly, the same does not apply to U.S. orders. Lastly, given the nature of dietary supplements and the odds of not experiencing a positive difference, Patrick and his team are currently offering a 60-days “100% Healthy or Money Back” guarantee. For more information on how to measure healthy hearing for refund purposes, contact customer service at:

  • Product support: Click here
  • Order support: contact BuyGoods here
  • Address: 37 Inverness Drive, East Suite 100, Englewood, CO, USA

Final Thoughts

Quietum Plus is advertised as an all-natural dietary supplement that tends to hearing health based on a recent presentation. In further investigating the ingredients list, much of the healing may occur in the brain because the organ is tasked with interpreting received electrical signals and translating them so that humans can make sense of their surroundings

The best way to go about clearing any doubts would be to contact customer service or to consult a physician beforehand. To find out more about Quietum Plus, visit the company's official website here.

Quietum Plus Email: contact@quietumplus.com

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