Curran Investment Management Receives Numerous Lipper Rankings 3rd Quarter 2020 for Best Money Managers

Albany, New York, UNITED STATES

Albany, NY, Nov. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Curran Investment Management’s Curran Core Growth Equity Strategy received numerous Lipper rankings during the third quarter for Top 20 Money Managers listed under the U.S Large Cap Growth & Value Equity category.

Awards for Curran Investment Management’s Curran Core Growth Equity Strategy Include:

  • #1 rate of return over a 3-year period out of 112 composites/funds
  • #2 rate of return over a 10-year period out of 71 composites/funds
  • #3 rate of return over a 1-year period out of 126 composites/funds
  • #8 rate of return over a 5-year period out of 96 composites/funds

To achieve a Lipper ranking for Best Money Managers performance is calculated net of fees, on an asset base which is at least $10 million dollars, inclusive of all cash reserves, calculated in U.S dollars, and lastly the classification of the product must fall into one of the categories Lipper ranks. Curran’s Core Growth Equity strategy falls under the U.S Large-Cap Growth & Value Equity category. This is Curran’s first Lipper ranking. 

“It’s an honor receiving recognition from Lipper’s Best Money Manager rankings across several time periods” — Kevin T. Curran, CFA, President, Curran Investment Management 

Curran Investment Management is a Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in Albany, NY, serving both individual and institutional clients with additional offices in Cape May and Philadelphia. Curran has $476 million assets under managements (AUM) as of 9/30/2020. 

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