HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytic Tool Reveals Opportunities and Proves Effective as Academic Health System Boosts Share of Patient Care

Healthcare Consultants at HSG Leverage Unique Data Analytics Process to Measure Patient Loyalty and Manage Retention in a Competitive Market

Louisville, KY, Nov. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HSG, a national healthcare consulting firm, has published a new case study detailing the approach they took with a well-known academic medical center to increase patient share of care by 2.4 percent, or more than $25 million in expected reimbursements in only nine months.  The health system is located in a highly competitive market and enjoyed robust brand recognition. However, the health system was not being fully utilized within the marketplace. To gain insight and increase patient share, the academic health center engaged HSG to use all-payer claims data to measure and monitor patient loyalty on an ongoing basis through the consultants’ tool, HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytics®.

The HSG Patient Share of Care analytic approach measures and tracks the healthcare services used by patients. In this case, the patient utilization of employed primary care provider panels.  By applying an all-payer data set, instead of relying on the system’s health plan population or their electronic medical records, the healthcare consultants at HSG overcame data issues that previously limited insights. The HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytics tool allowed access to data for all patients on the health system’s primary care panels, regardless of payer, and all healthcare service activity for those patients, irrespective of the site of service.

“Leveraging and operationalizing patient share of care data throughout the academic health system was not an easy task,” said HSG director DJ Sullivan. “The departments that produced the most immediate impacts on patient retention were the marketing and strategic planning departments.”

The marketing department leveraged the data insights in its advertising and physician outreach efforts to create informed, geographically targeted campaigns that would address underperforming patient share capture for orthopedic joint replacements. Ultimately, joint replacement volume went up by 2.8 percent or greater than $3 million in revenue increase during the next three quarters.  This outcome is a direct result of identifying specific geographies where the health system was underperforming in patient share capture for orthopedic joint replacements as compared to other regions where they provided similar services.

Additionally, the health system’s ability to now adequately measure patient loyalty and leverage the data outputs for manpower or workforce planning has influenced significant gains. Four out of five of the academic health system’s priority service lines show an increase in patient share. 

“Real change can be accomplished when you bring the right tools to the table and then put them in the right hands. Adequately measuring, monitoring, and analyzing the data is only the first part of increasing a system’s patient share of care. Healthcare leaders must also expose that data to the right personnel within the healthcare system so that these insights can be leveraged,” added Sullivan. 

To learn more about HSG’s approach to patient share of care measurement or to obtain a complimentary patient share of care report for patients in your employed network, contact DJ Sullivan at DJSullivan@hsgadvisors.com or call 502-814-1198.

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DJ Sullivan, Director at HSG, concentrates on the network integrity, physician strategy, and manpower development healthcare consulting service lines at HSG. He utilizes his prior experience in acute and post-acute healthcare settings, technical data analysis skills, and a process-oriented approach to solving complex problems to support hospitals and health systems in making confident long-term strategic decisions related to their physician networks.

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