Giving Back! This Year More Than Ever

Study Finds Link Between Generosity and Life Satisfaction

TORONTO, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As businesses enter a season usually filled with in-person holiday parties and an abundance of team-building volunteer opportunities, COVID-19 has changed the way companies give back this year in a time when the need is great.

Express Employment Professionals offices around North America participate year-round in the company’s philanthropic endeavor known as the Brand It Blue Initiative. The program encourages community involvement borne out of the servant leadership mindset of Express, and particularly in 2020, offices have had to find creative ways to invest in communities while mitigating virus exposure.

One way to get involved is to take part in this year’s GivingTuesday on Dec. 1. GivingTuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Black Friday.

“Now more than ever, our local communities need assistance, in many capacities,” said Jessica Culo, Express franchise owner in Edmonton, Alberta. “It is great turning point for organizations to evaluate their mandates and figure out what they can do or give to help. Employees want to see their companies doing this, as well.”

This year, Culo notes that in lieu of corporate gifts, “each member of our team is going to select a charity of their choice and Express will donate to that charity. We will share the list of organizations that we give to with our clients, as we are doing this in their honor, and in appreciation of them.”

Daniel Purdy, Express franchise owner in Abbotsford, British Columbia, calls local businesses the backbone of an economy and a reflection of the community in which they serve. 

“Local charities, non-profits and philanthropic organizations represent a community’s most pressing needs, simply through their existence and mission,” he said.

Purdy believes it is important for local businesses to be involved philanthropically in their communities but “other than goodwill and the occasional compliment, we never expect to receive a return on our contributions, philanthropy or generosity. We operate from a position of duty, responsibility and moral imperative to assist those in need.”

The sentiments of many Express franchise owners align with a study from The Ascent, which found that generosity is not only beneficial to the recipient but also leads to increased life satisfaction for the giver.

Seventy-four per cent of people determined to have high generosity tendencies reported satisfaction with life over the past year compared to 60% with low generosity. Seventy per cent of respondents with high generosity also said they were satisfied with their careers, while only 49% with low generosity said the same. The majority of high generosity individuals (81%) agreed that life has been meaningful over the past year in contrast with 49% of low generosity people.

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“In order for businesses to thrive, the community must thrive too,” said Niven Lee, Express franchise owner in Delta, British Columbia.

In June of each year, Lee’s franchise organizes a food drive with one of the largest food banks in metro Vancouver along with many of the companies in the community. This year for his team’s “Pay It Forward” effort, they will donate a portion of the profits from the companies that provide a temporary or permanent job to one of their job seekers during the holiday season. 

“Businesses will get much needed help and job seekers will get work and money for Christmas,” Lee said. “More importantly, it provides those impacted by the pandemic the opportunity to work at a new company and/or the experience of working in a different industry.”

Bruce Hein, Express owner in Sarnia, Ontario, notes that his franchise has also helped the local food bank. Leading up to the summer, he and the Sarnia team partner with 300 companies in the community to help the local food bank when donations are lower and children are home from school without access to school nutrition programs.

“Through initiatives like our food drive or sitting on local boards and committees, we have been able to develop relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders who now turn to Express for help with hiring or job search assistance,” Hein said.

Terry Stewart, Express owner in Surrey, British Columbia, notes that COVID-19 has made life a challenge for most of us. I feel those of us who have done alright need to do our part to help those who have not by giving more to a food bank and donating money and presents to families who could use a helping hand.”

Hanif Hermani, Express Managing Director in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, notes that his office is involved in community efforts and contributes to a number of non-profits.

“Business is not separate from community, rather complementary to community. If the community thrives, it positively impacts the business climate,” he said.

An important way the Saskatoon office gives back to community is by conducting presentations and learning sessions with local non-profit agencies that assist job seekers.

“Everyone needs a little kindness this holiday season in what has been a tough year for many,” Express CEO Bill Stoller said. “I encourage those who can afford to spare a little cash or time in the coming weeks to find a cause close to your heart to provide a bit of goodwill to others that won’t soon be forgotten.”

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