Why the spiritual tarot apps and the psychic reading apps industry is seeing significant growth in current times, according to Kasamba

NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The year 2020 has been detrimental to stock markets and businesses around the world. While the big winners, including Amazon, Apple, and Zoom, have recorded mass growth in revenue during the Coronavirus Pandemic, the vast majority of businesses have taken significant steps in making painful cuts, furloughing thousands of staff, and dramatically cutting back on expenses. However, one industry that hasn’t made major headlines in their profits but has come up trumps is the psychic reading apps and tarot apps industry. When you consider the times we are living in, it makes sense that people would turn to a psychic to shed light on the future, which is increasingly uncertain at present.

When COVID-19 began sweeping through the world, the psychic apps industry was already ahead of the game. All communication with clients could be facilitated over video chats, phone calls, or messaging services. Other psychics, mediums, and astrologers who typically worked face-to-face with customers followed suit and took their services online, offering to help concerned customers navigate these difficult times and acting as their support system when friends and family could not stand by their side. Almost immediately, psychic and tarot apps, including Kasamba saw a huge uptake of clients searching for answers and trying to hold on to any hope possible.

According to Google search trends, Google searches for "psychic" jumped to a 1-year high during the week of March 8, 2020, the time when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began issuing guidance on COVID-19 and the measures Americans should take in trying to prevent contracting the virus. Kasamba psychics noted a shift in the questions people were asking for their advice and guidance. Customers wanted to know why they were feeling new and worrying emotions, what their future looked like, and how the pandemic would change their path. Considering that news organizations started producing countless reports, scaremongering, and causing mass panic, the psychic apps industry suddenly became inundated with questions of what the future really had in store.

The need for a support group is a common theme in which psychic apps, like Kasamba, have recognized. Advisors are not there to tell someone about future insights and give them clarity in their lives, but they are there to be a non-judgmental individual who listens intently, comes up with viable solutions, and is present at round-the-clock hours when customers may feel vulnerable. Ultimately, people have been feeling a sense of loneliness that they had not experienced prior. Although daunting, there is strength in numbers and millions of people worldwide share these thoughts and feelings. With the help, guidance, and empowerment of Kasamba advisors, our clients are able to tackle the issue immediately instead of spiraling into a deeper and darker place that so many struggling individuals have found themselves. This immediacy is among the reasons that psychic and tarot apps have been so successful. There is no time limit to the conversations, psychics delve way beyond the surface level, and many customers have described a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Many Kasamba customers have identified the importance of a listening ear and total understanding from their advisors. One client noted, “He told me exactly what it is I needed to hear that helped me more than anyone has been able to in a very long time.” In worrying and uncertain times, this clarity and compassion is what so many individuals desperately seek.

The conversation on mental health has never been more relevant than now. Kasamba’s trusted advisors have helped countless people out of dark places and showed them the light. Whether it may be elderly people who have expressed loneliness due to social distancing rules, or younger people struggling in their relationships and life changes during lockdown, Kasamba psychics will get to the root of the problem and assist in navigating the circumstances in the most effective way for their life path. No matter how complex the issue is, our psychics tell you what you need to know, and then guide you through the storm. This is why our loyal customers keep returning to better their lives.

Along with psychic apps, many people have embraced spiritualism, with millennials being among the largest demographic. Before 2020, researchers concluded that religion and spirituality were on the decline, with more Americans identifying themselves as atheists. However, this year has seen a U-turn as new age practices including astrology, tarot readings, sound baths and Reiki taking over traditional religious forms. Kasamba’s extensive expertise in many of these methods has put the psychic app at the forefront, with psychics flooded with client requests, eager to take advantage of their gifts.

Kasamba advisors have also recognized this shift, explaining that millennials have searched above and beyond standard forms of relief due to increased levels of anxiety and stress. Through the accessibility of smartphones and psychic apps, these individuals can gain the clarity they desire and connect spiritually from the comfort of their own home. Whether their issues are work-related, about their romantic relationships, or about isolation and the current state of the world, there are so many uplifting ways that people can gain strength and connect with their soul and the universe.

It is evident that the exponential growth of the spiritual and psychic apps industry has been a direct knock-on effect from the unfortunate events that have come out of 2020. Although there is currently a correlation between psychic apps and the pandemic, in the future, it is almost sure that these tough times will subside. Still, the increase and appreciation for astrology, psychic readings, and other new age practices look to remain. Almost all Kasamba customers come back time and time again after connecting with a psychic and finding peace and strength in their confidential readings. Once new customers slip into a routine of coming to psychics for advice, it becomes a part of their daily routine and elevates their lives. This is something that won’t come to a halt post-pandemic. With this growth, the psychic apps industry looks to become saturated with many individuals claiming to possess psychic powers. While customers have to be wary of imposters, Kasamba continues to be a trusted and reliable platform, providing answers, clarity, and adding value for over 21 years.

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