Postgres Professional and Zabbix to Co-Host Complimentary Virtual PostgreSQL Monitoring Day


Leading Experts on PostgreSQL Monitoring Will Dive into the Features, Benefits and Approaches of Using Zabbix with PostgreSQL

MARINA BAY, Gibraltar, and BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Postgres Professional, the company that makes PostgreSQL enterprise-ready, and Zabbix, the company behind the Zabbix open-source monitoring solution, today announced they are co-hosting a virtual PostgreSQL Monitoring Day on December 10, 2020, from 9:00-1:00 PM PDT. Registration for the complimentary half-day event is currently open.

PostgreSQL Monitoring Day will provide an overview of the developments and growing adoption of PostgreSQL and then dive into the benefits and “how-tos” of using the latest release of the all-in-one monitoring solution Zabbix to gain vital information about PostgreSQL deployments.

“It’s good to see two strong open source communities, Zabbix and PostgreSQL, collaborating to put together a practice-focused event on PostgreSQL monitoring,” said Oleg Bartunov, Postgres Professional Founder and CEO. “PostgreSQL’s growing adoption rates and modern workloads challenge DBAs to collect more metrics in a better way. PostgreSQL Monitoring Day will educate the community on the monitoring best practices that the Zabbix and Postgres Professional teams use to ensure maximum uptime of their customer PostgreSQL deployments.”

“I am excited to co-organize PostgreSQL Monitoring Day. PostgreSQL is a great database engine and a significant building block for many applications and services,” said Alexei Vladishev, Zabbix Founder and CEO. “Zabbix can make PostgreSQL much more transparent by monitoring and visualizing all critical availability and performance metrics. It creates a powerful combination of two open source products, which is beneficial for Zabbix and PostgreSQL users.”


Welcome to the Event –  Ivan Panchenko, Deputy CEO, Postgres Professional, and Alexei Vladishev, Founder & CEO, Zabbix
Ivan Panchenko and Alexei Vladishev will welcome attendees to the event and briefly discuss the more than 20-year history of PostgreSQL and Zabbix and how the two open source solutions address today’s database monitoring challenges..

“Setting Up Zabbix Agent 2 for PostgreSQL Monitoring and Revealing How it Works” – Daria Vilkova, Software Engineer, Postgres Professional
The PostgreSQL monitoring plugin for Zabbix Agent 2 takes advantage of the extensibility of Agent 2. It enables easy setup of basic monitoring for the database, including triggers, graphics and screens, and it collects more than 95 metrics. The plugin employs PG drivers and the toolkit for Go. One installation of Zabbix Agent 2 makes it possible to monitor several PostgreSQL instances. This presentation will cover the monitoring module internals, how it operates, and tips on how to set it up. It will also introduce the new version of the PostgreSQL monitoring plugin and explore creating custom metrics – a feature that will become available with plugin v.2 and further increase the number of accessible metrics.

“Zabbix Agent 2 + PostgreSQL” – Aleksandrs Petrovs-Gavrilovs, Technical Support Engineer, Zabbix
Zabbix Agent 2 provides detailed and granular monitoring of PostgreSQL servers with highly configurable item keys and a complimentary monitoring template. This talk will provide a guide to using native Zabbix Agent 2, which reduces the number of TCP connections while providing greater check concurrency and being easily extensible with plugins. This significantly reduces the impact of monitoring on the agent system, particularly when monitoring hundreds or thousands of items related to PostgreSQL performance and stability.

“New Monitoring-Related Features in PostgreSQL 13” – Anastasia Lubennikova, Senior Database Developer, Postgres Professional
Every monitoring solution is limited by the information the system allows to be collected. PostgreSQL DBMS provides many metrics reflecting its internal state, running queries, and background processes. Each release brings the community more monitoring-related features. This talk covers monitoring enhancements coming with PostgreSQL 13, including query sampling, improved WAL usage statistics, pg_basebackup progress reporting, etc. Some of these metrics may appear in future releases of monitoring plugins, or may be available via custom scripts or when formulating custom requests to the database.

“How to Deploy Zabbix on PostgreSQL with Timescale DB Plugin” – Dmitry Lamberts, Head of Technical Support, Zabbix
PostgreSQL is one of the supported database engines for Zabbix, which is used to store all configuration data and history. This turns PostgreSQL into a very high load database engine. This talk will cover how TimescaleDB, an extension to PostgreSQL, empowers Zabbix with native partitioning functionality and data compression, which saves significant disk space.

“Final Tuning of PostgreSQL for Zabbix” – Artūrs Lontons, Technical Support Engineer, Zabbix
Optimizing Zabbix consists of not only changing Zabbix internal parameters but also configuring the database accordingly. This workshop will look at how different Zabbix parameters affect the database configuration requirements. It will also include a demonstration of performing a general PostgreSQL fine-tuning for Zabbix workloads.

PostgreSQL Monitoring Day will conclude with an interactive Q&A session featuring all the event speakers.

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About Zabbix Company
Zabbix Company is based in Europe, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the United States. Its founder, CEO, and Zabbix product creator is Alexei Vladishev. The basic work sphere of Zabbix Company is the development of free and open-source software for monitoring of services, networks and applications. Apart from that, the company offers a wide range of professional services designed to fit every customer's unique business demands including implementation, integration, custom development, and consulting services as well as various training programs. Zabbix team's mission is to make a superior monitoring solution available and affordable for all. For the first time, Zabbix was released in 2001. Zabbix as a company was established in 2005 in order to provide expert technical support services. There are governmental institutions of different countries along with some of the world's biggest telco, finance, educational, retail and healthcare companies among Zabbix customers. Many of them are included in the Fortune 500 list.

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