Nextiva: How One Communications Company is Outgrowing the Market with its Proprietary Platform


Scottsdale, Arizona, Nov. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

  • Recent reports indicate rapid growth in the markets for UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, with a 25.1% revenue increase year over year. 
  • Cloud-communications company Nextiva is set to outperform the market average. 
  • Nextiva has been featured on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list since 2014, with a 174% fiscal year revenue growth from 2015 to 2018. 
  • Co-founder and CEO Tomas Gorny focuses on innovation, customer experience, and ease of use. 
  • Nextiva’s keystone platform NextOS offers a comprehensive centralized communication platform to streamline workflows and aid remote workforces. 

Communication is key in 2020. Between the exponential growth of remote work and pandemic lockdowns, that much is clear. 

Stock markets have responded accordingly. Video communications providers like Zoom took off, and team collaboration platforms like Slack and Atlassian’s Trello became staples. In June, a WFH ETF launched, largely relying on remote communication stocks. 

However, the communications market is still hiding countless fruitful opportunities as the year draws to a close. 

The best example of this is Nextiva. 

Founded by visionary tech entrepreneur Tomas Gorny, this cloud communications provider is a hyper-growth tech company that most people won’t have heard of. And yet, it is outperforming the market, set to make 2020 its best year yet.

One possible reason for its relative obscurity is that Nextiva’s headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona, well out of Silicon Valley. Another, more probable, one is the fact that the company hasn’t yet gone public or taken any outside funding. 

Nextiva’s co-founder and CEO Tomas Gorny believes in keeping his businesses agile and innovation-bound – and putting the focus on customers’ needs, rather than shareholders' interests. 

“A lot of our competitors focus primarily on just creating short-term shareholder value while we really focus on creating the best product for our customers and enabling our staff to do the best work possible,” Gorny explains. 

Gorny’s customer-first business philosophy is the result of a complex personal experience. 

Pursuing the American dream, Gorny came to the US from Europe in 1996. Aged 20, he joined a website hosting company. The company was acquired two years later, making him a tech millionaire. 

“At this point, I started making my biggest mistake,” Gorny reflects. “I began setting my goals around my net worth, and made investments in various companies to grow it. When the dot-com crash and 9/11 happened, everything suddenly collapsed.”

Since then, Gorny has recalibrated his priorities. 

“Failure’s like free tuition. Going broke was the product of many unfortunate circumstances and bad investment decisions,” he explains, “but it turned out to be the best experience in my life. Most importantly, it helped me establish strong principles in terms of how to do business that I still rely on today.”

At Nextiva, these principles manifest in a commitment to outstanding customer experience and service.

“Customer expectations have never been higher,” Gorny maintains. “Making money is just a side effect of providing value.”

Nextiva delivers that value by simplifying business communication. 

The company started out as a provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services back in 2008. But as the small startup grew into a larger company with over 1000 global employees, handling over a billion interactions annually, its vision expanded. Today, Nextiva provides a comprehensive business communications platform in the form of NextOS

Built on the basis of proprietary software, NextOS is designed to meet customers’ communication needs – all in one place. This stands in stark contrast to the approach of many Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers, which rely heavily on integrations. 

“You cannot solve today's communication problems by just building applications on top of each other, or with siloed technologies,” Gorny says. “There are a lot of individual products in the marketplace that promise that they will work nicely together, but they ultimately don't.”

As with his previous tech ventures, Gorny’s vision seems to be spot-on. 

Recent reports indicate that the VoIP business communications market is growing rapidly. Year over year, the market revenue for UCaaS, as well as Communications Platforms and Contact Centers as a Service (CPaaS and CCaaS respectively), increased by an average of 25.1% to hit $11.5 billion

Nextiva is outperforming the market average, and it works with an impressive range of high-profile clients and partners, from Rolls Royce over Amazon to the Pac-12. With a Gartner Customer Satisfaction score of 94%, it is hardly a surprise that customers keep flocking to the provider. 

In addition, Nextiva has a multitude of awards under its belt that showcase its excellence in innovation, company culture, and customer service. From winning multiple Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service for the fourth year running, to featuring in Glassdoor’s Top 100 Best Places to Work, the company has earned laurels - but doesn’t intend to rest on them. 

“We are part of a transformation in communication,” Gorny enthuses. “And we all feel empowered that we are making a difference in the world. We pride ourselves in democratizing technologies. We want technology to be available for everybody, and we want to level the playing field of tech.”

As for Nextiva’s lack of stock-market spotlight, Gorny shrugs with a smile. He learned the value of an underdog position early on in his career - as a cash-strapped 20-something speaking only broken English. “It brings a lot of advantages to businesses when people underestimate you, and in some ways, that can be a big power that can be leveraged.” 

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