Q&A: The Future of Virtual Education with UDT and Lenovo

MIRAMAR, Fla., Nov. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology has evolved dramatically this year! With the need for advanced distance learning tools, we have been introduced to innovative technologies that have completely transformed what we now know as the “new normal” for education.

UDT CTO, Daniel Rodriguez and Lenovo Technical Client Advisor, Craig Ewell gave us a look into the advantages and challenges of distance learning and what they think the future holds for education technology:

How do you address the increase in endpoint and cybersecurity threats?

Craig: Addressing the increase really starts with understanding infrastructure and what we are used to seeing on K-12 campuses. Schools were using firewalls and security endpoints and devices on site. How will we secure these endpoints while learning virtually now?

  • Identify and adapt to expanding endpoint filtering coverage
  • Having a robust tool will make the biggest difference
  • See content filtering beyond the scope for campuses
  • Whitelist and blacklist things with different levels of access

The goal is to take typical endpoint security from what was normal at school to what is doable at home and other remote locations and to increase the ability to limit the capabilities of these endpoints.

How do you see distance learning technology evolving to be effective in the long-term?

Daniel: In the past, conferencing and collaboration technology would come at a hefty price point. Today, and even more so into the future, these same technologies can be consumed at little to no cost to the end user. This creates a usage model that can be predictable and easily deployed to ensure a ubiquitous engagement and collaboration utility that can be consumed on demand regardless of use case. This ensures these technologies long term viability and accessibility for educators and students well into the future.

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