Taking the Competitive Lead, CloudPay Expands Multi-Country Payroll Services Again

The Addition of Nine More Core Countries Reflects Company’s Response to Customer Growth

NEW YORK and LONDON, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading global payroll provider CloudPay today announced the addition of nine more core countries to its managed services solution. While some other global providers claim to process payroll in-house, few include core countries beyond the U.S., U.K. and Canada. CloudPay has once again expanded its core countries coverage (often referred to as “in-house” countries), with the inclusion of Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Josep Elias, Chief Strategy Officer for CloudPay, explained, “CloudPay is different from other global payroll vendors that rely solely upon a network of in-country partners to handle payroll processing. Our managed services solution leverages technology with in-house support to improve operations and deliver accurate and compliant payroll to global workforces. Expanding our core countries, now up to 23 in total, means we’re able to process 75 percent of all customer payrolls through our core countries while relying on our robust in-country partner network for the rest.”

Between 2013 and 2018, CloudPay operated in 14 core countries and relied on in-country partners for another 120+ countries. Over the last two years, the company focused intently on growing this presence while advancing its unified platform through investment in robotic process automation, real-time analytics and validation features. CloudPay plans to continue this momentum, aiming to reach 35 core countries by the end of 2021.

CloudPay CEO Paul Bartlett commented, “Until recently, global payroll often meant in-country partners were doing the bulk of the work. CloudPay changed what global payroll means, offering a unique market proposition that combines our proprietary technology, cutting-edge automation, the latest in compliance with exceptional customer service around the world. The addition of these core countries reflects our mission to break boundaries, and it is something we intend to pursue aggressively in the coming quarters as we move two to three countries per quarter to our core countries model.”

CloudPay has consistently achieved service levels of 99.9 percent accuracy and timeliness. The company is known for its commitment to real-time KPIs for continuous process improvement. To learn more about CloudPay Global Payroll Services, visit https://www.cloudpay.net/global-payroll-services.

About CloudPay

CloudPay delivers end-to-end managed global payroll and payment services to thousands of multinational organizations through a single, unified cloud solution. Recognized as a leader by industry analysts, and recipient of the 2020 Global Payroll Innovation Award, CloudPay’s solution ensures accurate, compliant payroll processing across 130+ countries. Backed by a global team with deep industry expertise and a commitment to excellence, CloudPay’s solution minimizes manual processes while helping to reduce operating costs. For details, please visit www.cloudpay.net.


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