NetNumber Contributes to Industry Efforts in Alleviating 5G Network Security and Roaming Concerns

Through Leadership Roles and Active Participation in Key Industry Associations

LOWELL, MA, USA, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetNumber announced today it continues to expand its industry leadership role by participating in those associations driving industry collaboration around critical 5G Security and Roaming concerns. NetNumber has taken leadership of the GSMA 5G Mobile Roaming Revisited (5GMRR) task force whose mission is to define a scalable, usable and secure 5G roaming solution that meets business and technical needs and is backed by the industry.

NetNumber is continuing to take a contributory role in fraud and security prevention for CSPs, across a number of solutions, which includes the holding of a number of leadership positions in recognized associations. Mr. Pieter Veenstra, who is Senior Manager Product Development - Security and Routing at NetNumber, is chairman of the GSMA Roaming and Interconnect Fraud and Security (RIFS) working group, leading the ongoing work on the GSMA 5G Security Guide and an active member in the GSMA Networks Group (NG) on security matters for 5G. 


This combination of activities in different GSMA groups will be beneficial to his new role as chair of the 5GMRR (5G Mobile Roaming Revisited) task force given the diversity of the 5G roaming problem where a solution needs to be found that is working for the three different stakeholders: Business, Operations and Security.


The present 3GPP standards describe two technical solutions for 5G roaming. The solutions were partly included as a last-minute effort in the standards based on the practices for 2G/3G/LTE roaming without broad involvement of IPX carriers. Begin this year IPX carriers started to realize that the 5G roaming solutions were far more complex to operate than what they are used to for 2G/3G/LTE roaming. Subsequent discussions across different GSMA groups found other limitations and issues that not fully would resolve the existing vulnerabilities with 2G/3G/LTE roaming via the existing SS7 and Diameter signaling connections.


As a result, the GSMA established the 5G Mobile Roaming Revisited (5GMRR) Task Force with the mission to define a scalable, usable and secure solution for 5G mobile roaming. 5GMRR brings together experts from the Networks Group (NG), the Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group (WAS) and the Fraud and Security Group (FASG) to ensure the technical, business and security requirements are identified and that these are reflected in the solution that are ultimately defined.


5G Security is the priority theme for the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) in 2020 and the work this Task Force will undertake not only maps to that theme but is, perhaps, one of the most important activities to be undertaken by GSMA Working Groups for quite some time. Clearly, agreeing the enablers for 5G roaming is essential and selecting options that meet the future needs of our industry is a critically important task. 


“Taking leadership of the GSMA 5GMRR task force underlines the commitment of NetNumber to all the work within the GSMA, with the aim to provide simple operational security solutions to the mobile industry,” said Steve Legge, NetNumber Chief Operating Officer.  “In doing so, NetNumber are endeavouring to maintain trust in mobile services for all subscribers worldwide, considering the growing importance and dependency of these services in our daily lives and for business processes.”

NetNumber has been instrumental in delivering industry-leading security for next-generation systems while maintaining support and innovations for legacy technology. NetNumber security solutions and firewall provide comprehensive InterGENerational security and fraud protection with real-time threat detection, delivering internetworking encryption, eliminating attack vectors within the network, while their signalling firewall protects against malicious attacks on inbound traffic and data.

For more detail please read Pieter Veenstra’s detailed blog “Reasons for the GSMA to reconsider the solutions for 5G Roaming” -

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