Dcode Moves to Rolling Admissions to Meet Increasing Government Demand for Commercial Tech Solutions

The acceleration program equips private sector tech companies to succeed in the federal market and certifies when they are Vetted for Federal™

Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES

Washington, D.C., Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dcode today announced that its acceleration program, Dcode Accelerate, is moving to rolling admissions and platform-based delivery to meet increasing demand from the U.S. government for commercial emerging tech companies that can succeed and scale in the federal market. The new model for Dcode Accelerate will be even more founder friendly, offering more flexibility and tailored support for companies at different stages of growth.

Dcode is the next major acceleration program, right behind 500 Startups, to evolve past the cohort model to rolling admissions this year. This development for Dcode follows its swift transition to all-virtual, live program delivery in March.

“Cohorts models can be limiting for both government and technology companies. To remove those limitations, accelerators are evolving, and we need to make sure the government keeps up,” said Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger. “We’re seeing increased demand from the government and tech companies looking to work together to better serve Americans, and this next iteration of Dcode Accelerate will continue to make that happen at an even larger scale.”

In the years before its move to rolling admissions, Dcode ran 16 cohorts, focused on tech areas like artificial intelligence, space tech, devops, data analytics, and security. To date, Dcode has accelerated more than 100 high-growth commercial tech companies into the federal market, driving hundreds of new tech implementations in government and millions in federal contracts. 

“I've participated in other accelerators before, and Dcode is hands down one of the most effective. There is no other program that can better accelerate your business within this sector,” said HAAS Alert CEO Cory Haas. “If you want to grow your startup in the federal space, you should absolutely [apply to] Dcode.” 

Dcode will deliver the program on its acceleration platform, Nexus. Through Nexus, companies will receive one-on-one advisory support from the Dcode team and weekly live, virtual sessions with Dcode and industry experts to advise their federal strategy. Dcode will continue facilitating meetings for tech companies with key decision makers across government and potential channel partners to jumpstart or further build federal market presence and pipeline.

With community at its core, Dcode Accelerate enables companies to engage and learn from each other while identifying teaming opportunities to solve key government use cases. Companies that have graduated from Dcode Accelerate, have already signed on to Nexus to engage with Dcode’s expansive community of tech companies, government leaders, venture capitalists, and industry partners and access the expert curriculum. The platform includes an expert curriculum on government use case matching, pricing and marketing, developing channel and direct sales strategies, and managing complex government security and compliance requirements. 

"The guidance from the Dcode team was unparalleled — even during the remote weeks — for a tech company of our size diving further into government work,” said Trueface founder and CEO Shaun Moore.

As part of Dcode’s rigorous vetting process, companies still have to apply to the acceleration program, and those selected will be placed in one of three levels of support that best fits their growth stage and needs. Companies can still expect to cut time to revenue and get on contract fast after becoming Vetted for Federal™ as Dcode expands the support it provides.

Select companies accepted to Dcode Accelerate will have the opportunity to be reviewed by Dcode’s invite-only investment network, Dcode Capital, for potential investments. The rolling admissions model will expand Dcode Capital members’ access to both early- and growth-stage financing rounds and exclusive opportunities to invest alongside top venture capital funds.


About Dcode

Dcode connects the tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market. Our unique suite of programs help emerging tech companies, federal agencies, and industry partners understand each other and work together effectively. Dcode has worked with more than 100 tech companies and hundreds of government organizations, driving more than 200 new implementations of commercial technology in government and millions in federal contracts. Visit dcode.co to learn more.



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