Healix International/HX Global launches 2021 Risk Forecasts New Risk Oracle Report Released to the Public

Hingham, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Boston, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As part of its continuing efforts to help businesses plan for and manage risks  associated with employee safety,  Healix International/HX Global is pleased to announce the release of its annual Risk Oracle report and Security Risk Map for 2021. The report provides essential resources for employers with global operations looking to anticipate and react risks anywhere in the world.

Although COVID-19 has dominated the focus of every business in 2020, around the world there also has been a steady stream of underlying challenges that have received less risk management focus, despite their potential to cause enduring operational disruption. The Risk Oracle report and Security Risk Map help to shed light on the less noticed, yet potentially damaging risks businesses might face.

As 2020 has demonstrated, 2021 is likely to also be a very busy year for challenging global events. As the report and Risk Map will show, some events will be predictable, some unprecedented. These types of risks – combined with a global drive for economic growth and the expectation of a new and as yet undefined “normal” – are expected to drive a greater need for robust organizational resilience plans than ever before.

Risk Oracle 2021: What's inside?

  • Top risks to watch in 2021
  • A look back on regional highlights for the preceding year
  • Outlook for the global risk landscape for the year ahead
  • An introduction to Healix Sentinel
  • Regional Security Risk Maps

PLUS: The Risk Oracle report features a deep-dive into COVID-19, including expert analysis of the “vaccine race to save the world” and an assessment of what the new normal might  look like as the year progresses.

Click here to download the report.

Security Risk Map 2021
While risks can never be fully eliminated, understanding the evolving threats to an organization is essential. The Healix International/HX Global team draws upon specialized expertise from across its organization. It has assessed the risk landscape of every country around the world and assigned a security risk rating to each one. The risk ratings are designed to indicate the likelihood of being impacted by a security incident in a given country.

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