Kemp ECS Connection Manager Optimizes Enterprise Object Storage

Storage-aware load balancing delivers faster response times and more-optimized global connectivity to Dell EMC ECS object storage across multi-cloud environments

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kemp, the leader in powering always-on application experience [AX], today globally unveiled an enhanced ECS Connection Manager, delivering storage protocol-aware Layer 7 load balancing and data traffic management optimized for Dell EMC ECS deployments across a variety of private cloud architectures.

Organizations globally are challenged with delivering the same efficiency, scale and economics of public cloud in their own private cloud infrastructure. Privacy requirements, compliance and geo-political factors can force many enterprises to rely on the control of on-premises infrastructure for certain key services. With Dell EMC ECS, customers can easily provide globally distributed object storage services like S3 to drive modernization of applications and achieve analytics capabilities previously only possible in public cloud.

As part of Dell Extended Technologies Complete (ETC) and long-standing collaboration between Kemp and Dell Technologies, the ECS Connection Manager was developed to provide object storage high availability, resilience and traffic flow optimization while continuously maintaining enterprise-wide security posture and departmental segmentation to data. Some of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals, logistics companies and defense agencies are already leveraging the combination of Dell ECS with the Kemp ECS Connection Manager to maximize object storage efficiency.

The ECS Connection Manager provides native S3 protocol intelligence that supports multi-virtual data center “XOR” operations, equaling reduced network routing costs and faster response time to read operations. New Quality-of-Service (QoS) management provides granular rate limiting to prioritize critical workloads and prevent request storms. Certified IPv6 support and built-in IPv6-to-IPv4 gateway translation simplifies the publishing of ECS services in hybrid environments while SSL acceleration improves performance without sacrificing the requirement for end-to-end encryption.

Key Dell EMC ECS + Kemp ECS Connection Manager Capabilities

  • S3 Storage Awareness & Optimization - Kemp ECS Connection Manager delivers S3-optimized algorithms to ensure the accurate routing of object read/write requests along with even traffic distribution. Automatic detection of the method used by applications to access the ECS storage buckets (S3 path or virtual host addressing) further enables traffic routing efficiency without the need of manual configuration for hybrid environments.
  • Storage QoS (Quality of Service) – ECS Connection Manager QoS enables the provision of consistent and predictable levels of service for multi-tenant and multi-application infrastructures. In these shared environments, QoS simplifies the task of ensuring that critical workloads are not impacted by ‘noisy neighbors’ or rogue applications by providing granular rate limiting controls that may be assigned globally or to specific storage objects and paths. Watch the video on QoS and rate limiting for Dell ECS for more information.
  • Multi-Network Support - Many customer environments require departmental network segmentation while enabling access to shared backend resources. The ECS Connection Manager simplifies the process of publishing ECS service endpoints across multiple network segments while reducing the requirement for complex routing or the introduction of exceptions that violate Infosec standards.
  • High-Speed Network Integration – ECS Connection manager hardware platforms are available with native connectivity at speeds of 25 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps to simplify integration with existing network infrastructure and to support high-speed access to Dell EMC storage platforms.
  • Dynamic Global Host Resolution - Name resolution and multi-site global server load balancing (GSLB) are critical to the resilience of ECS deployments. The Kemp ECS Connection Manager natively includes this functionality and supports hybrid environments with applications leveraging multiple methods for accessing the ECS infrastructure. Dynamic Global Host Resolution within this feature set provides flexible, multi-site distribution and availability for ECS deployments leveraging both Path Style and Virtual Host addressing.
  • Enhanced Defense and Public Sector Support - Compliance with the FIPS 140-2 security standard means that customers can leverage ECS Connection Manager to secure data in-flight with algorithms and ciphers that are consistent with the standard. Common Access Card (CAC) support also means that access to the Kemp ECS Connection Manager interface and management interfaces of ECS can equally be done according to Department of Defense (DoD) standards. IPv6 interoperability (certified to NIST standards) is further provided for environments that must deploy with this network topology.

“Dell Technologies continues to work closely with Kemp,” said Peter Melerud, chief strategy officer and co-founder at Kemp. “We’re excited about the ongoing growth in the object storage market and the opportunity to collaborate with Dell Technologies to deliver joint customer value on unstructured data solutions projects.”
The Kemp ECS Connection Manager is available globally direct through Dell Technologies, and more information about the ECS Connection Manager can be found at


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