LocatorX Launches Asset Tracking and Management Solution

Asset Management tracks the mobile and fixed assets for an organization

ATLANTA, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LocatorX, an innovative tracking technology provider, today announced the launch of its Asset Management solution, designed to locate and track all an organization’s mobile and fixed assets, anywhere in the world. LocatorX provides accurate, flexible and inexpensive tracking technology to asset-owning companies—large and small—across a variety of industries.

“Tracking and managing your fixed assets is a critical aspect of the fiscal health and responsibility of any business. High value assets that are mobile—even within an organization’s disparate facilities—are best tracked quite differently than those assets that sit in the same spot month after month,” said Steve Maul, Chief Revenue Officer, LocatorX. “Similarly, assets that are likely moving outside your buildings or campus need to be tracked in near real-time to keep them secure or recover them if lost.”

LocatorX allows companies to tag its assets, using a variety of tag technologies and methods, assigning each with a unique identifier. LocatorX’s flexible approach to tagging—using the best type of tag for each asset and budget, enabling every move, event or other activity to be captured, tracked and logged within the LocatorX Event Log, providing a comprehensive and immutable audit trail of key events.

“Typically, those responsible for asset tracking are forced into one type of tag, one method of tracking,” continued Maul. “We understand the need for flexibility and efficiency, meaning you have a choice as to how you track your items based on your own business requirements and budget.”

Founded with technology discovered at the University of Oxford, LocatorX has patented new techniques such as a cutting-edge, solid-state, location tracking, digital engagement and counterfeit detection capabilities.

For more information about LocatorX, go to https://www.locatorx.com/

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