The Grower’s Source EXPO Brings Together Cannabis Cultivation Community For Virtual Trade Event

Digital Initiative Offers Ongoing Support for the Cultivation Community

MONTREAL, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Grower’s Source, a multifaceted digital initiative to support the cannabis cultivation community, opens registration December 7th for its first annual industry-supported Grower’s Source Expo. The industry trade event is being organized by The Grower’s Source developers Munn & Affiliates, with generous funding from key industry partners BioFloral and CANNA Canada, and media partners Grow Opportunity, Garden Culture Magazine and Grow up Conference and Expo. The GS Expo will run from January 21st to February 6th, 2021.

The first major virtual event dedicated to cannabis cultivation in Canada, The Grower’s Source Expo comes after a challenging but resilient year for the industry. While the pandemic continues to keep us confined mostly to our homes, those involved in cultivation are eager to see each other again, share their learnings, and achieve a sense of solidarity to propel the craft forward.

2020 has been a hectic year for everyone,” says Jason Stanley, Sales Director at BioFloral Canada. “First we had the supply chains being broken down by following confinement measures, and we had to respond to rapidly increasing demands while adopting new technology. Moreover, there has been no trade show or opportunity to meet each in person since Vancouver in January 2020, and we can’t even see when the next opportunity will come. It’s about time we see each other’s faces and get together. The Grower’s Source is that opportunity.

The Grower’s Source Expo is open to anyone involved, directly or indirectly, in cannabis cultivation. This includes the workforce and management of licensed producers (LPs); all passionate growers; and the retailers and service providers supplying LPs and independent growers. The event aims to encourage constructive dialogue between unique stakeholders, putting a spotlight on the complexity of cultivation, and inspiring the community towards improved ways of working.

The event will consist of 2 weeks of networking, discussion groups, product demos, and heavily discounted sales bookings access -— all centered around four days of live-streamed, interactive content specific to each attendee’s role and experience.

Entrance fees are $50 for industry professionals, or $25 for passionate home growers. The $50 entrance offers full access to the Expo, while the $25 ticket offers limited access from February 1-6, including two days of live streamed content. Tickets are on sale starting December 7th at

Following the Expo, The Grower’s Source will continue to support the cultivation community through The GS Broadcast, a cultivation-focused channel of podcasts and video series, and The GS Network, an ad-free social network exclusive to growers.

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