From One Hundred Dollars To A Lifestyle: How Marc Kleinman Made It Big In Poker

Marc Klienman takes us through his journey on how he took one hundred dollars and turned poker into an impressive career.

Los Angeles, CA,

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While most 18-year olds spend their time gearing up to leave the house for college, poker professional Marc Kleinman took a notably different route, foregoing the typical youthful and carefree lifestyle to hone his craft of poker. Kleinman spent his first year playing poker as a force, racking up huge winnings online. The only problem was that those winnings were fake chips with no real value. To fix that, Kleinman approached his parents with a deal, that if they gave him 100 dollars, he wouldn’t need any more monetary support. Just that happened, as Kleinman took the seed money from his parents and launched it into a durable and successful poker career.

For his first six years in the game, Kleinman utilized a strategy in online games to help make up for the lack of high-stakes games in a virtual format: Playing multiple hands at once.“I played online professionally from 18 to 24-years-old and in that time went through around 3 million hands on the internet,” Kleinman said. “It was usually smaller games with a 200 dollar or 400 dollar buy-in. At times I would be in 9 tables at once. I was probably one of the first people to do this, but now it is very commonplace.”

After winning a substantial proportion of online games, Kleinman turned his attention to a bigger pond and found himself in Vegas, the biggest hub of high-stakes poker.“In 2012 I moved to Las Vegas and began playing higher-stakes games there,” Kleinman said. “I mainly played at the Venetian and was doing very well there. I probably spent around 200-300 hours a month in that Casino.”

The volatile nature of his profession has seen Kleinman move about from Pennsylvania to Beverly Hills, where he currently resides. His focus now has partially shifted to building his brand on social media.“I had a couple videos of my all-in hands going viral on social media, but the poker community isn’t very huge, so it is harder to go viral,” Kleinman said. “I’ve been shooting more lifestyle content with some of the models I’m around all day and it has been gaining more traction.”

Perhaps the most impressive part of Kleinman’s poker career is how consistently he’s been in the green.“The cards have really flown my way the past 15 years,” Kleinman said. “I had a 12-year streak of winning months, and only really had a couple months where I didn’t come out on top, and even then I never took a substantial loss.”

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