National and State Medicaid Leaders Join Revel + NovuHealth Medicaid Advisory Council

New Council consists of diverse group of experts who created the vision, design and support systems of federal and state Medicaid programs

Minneapolis, UNITED STATES

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revel + NovuHealth, the nation’s leading healthcare consumer engagement, communication and technology company, announced today that it has launched a Medicaid Advisory Council. The five-member Council is charged with advising Revel + NovuHealth leadership regarding its strategy, offerings and programs to states and leading Medicaid health plans, to ultimately help beneficiaries and drive better health outcomes.

The new Revel + NovuHealth Medicaid Advisory Council includes Andrey Ostrovsky, managing partner of Social Innovation Ventures and the former chief medical officer of the U.S. Medicaid Program; John Gorman of Nightingale Partners, who formerly served as the assistant director of the Office of Managed Care, now known as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS); Dr. John F. Fitzgerald, a population health expert from Indiana University Health; David Kulick of The Focus Group, a national consultant with expertise helping healthcare entities identify growth strategies; and Marie Zimmerman, a Medicaid transformation and financing expert with Aurrera Health Group who previously served as state Medicaid director for Minnesota’s Medicaid program.

“The Revel + NovuHealth Medicaid Advisory Council is an amazing group of healthcare innovators who bring a broad diversity of experience in healthcare and Medicaid to help inform our direction and offering,” said Steve Wigginton, CEO of Revel + NovuHealth. “This team has direct, hands-on experience across every aspect of the critical ecosystems that deliver Medicaid health benefits. Their understanding, experience and insights will strengthen our ability to help leading healthcare companies engage with Medicaid-eligible beneficiaries who are among the most underserved populations for healthcare in the United States.”

The Revel + NovuHealth Medicaid Advisory Council will focus on three key areas: provide inputs into market strategy at the federal and state levels; inform Revel + NovuHealth’s company strategy and capability roadmap; and support Revel + NovuHealth’s ability to inform Medicaid policy.

“Digital health innovation is an exciting frontier of healthcare, but it is hard to distinguish signal from noise given the frothy environment,” said Andrey Ostrovsky, Revel + NovuHealth Medicaid Advisory Council member. “Revel + NovuHealth's humanistic approach to product design, combined with their statistical muscle, enables them to create person-specific data processing that is culturally tailored to the individual. The output of their platform is individualized sequencing, phraseology, content and modality that makes consumers trust their outreach. That trust is so rare to find in digital experiences and is Revel + NovuHealth's competitive advantage.”

The Council is scheduled to meet quarterly and will be led by Sara Ratner, senior vice president of government programs and strategic initiatives for Revel + NovuHealth. “The formation of the Medicaid Advisory Council is an exciting and important step in Revel + NovuHealth’s drive to deliver the most advanced tools, insights and communication strategies to engage healthcare consumers,” Ratner said. “The members of our Council have dedicated their careers to the design, execution and improvement of Medicaid at the federal, state, payer and provider levels. With their guidance, Revel + NovuHealth will be better positioned to reach Medicaid-eligible individuals who have the right and the need to gain access to high quality healthcare services.”

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