One woman shares her experiences to hell and back, teaching readers how to avoid hell and frame their lives to enter heaven

Hope Stewart announces the publication of ‘Hell Fire Is Real: My Experience’

LONDON, Dec. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Various biblical teachings ignite different emotions when it comes to the subject of heaven and hell. Heaven is utmost exciting; hell is undoubtedly daunting. Heaven is bright and glorious; hell is dark and calamitous, which causes people to avoid preaching about it in churches. Hope Stewart believes that this significant part of mankind’s spiritual journey must not fade and that they should know the important aspects of God’s laws and plans. This compelled her to share her personal experience to hell and back in her book, “Hell Fire Is Real: My Experience” (published by Xlibris UK).


“I was transported to hell, twice in two years,” the author narrates. “This happened whilst I was sleeping — in a dream. It seems, there was no night or day — it was ‘hell time’! The land was filled with misery. I could see souls in hell, tormented and burning eternally. The fire was so real — it was like a million jumbo jets crashed into one place. The scene was just incredible, beyond anyone’s natural imagination! People had nowhere else to go, but hell. Everyone was in the same position, whilst there were weeping and wailing. Quite interestingly, I did not see mansions, cars, designer clothes, banks, millionaires, or billionaires — just people and their burning flesh. I have never seen such a sad sight, ever! How horrifying and scary it was. It was heart-rending to virtually experience. I would hate for people to experience this for real.”


“Hell Fire Is Real: My Experience” is a little book of repentance, poetry and prayer that provides a biblical perspective on how real hell is. It shares steps on how to avoid hell and guides readers how to frame their life with faith in order to enter heaven. It highlights that God is the beginning and end, and he will be coming back for his world, as well as those who serve him. That hell is ordained for Satan and those who rejected Jehovah God.


By sharing her personal experiences in hell, Stewart hopes to bring awareness to those who are unaware of Jesus Christ and his will, and motivate Christians and seek to serve him. To purchase a copy of the book,


“Hell Fire Is Real: My Experience”

By Hope Stewart

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 70 pages | ISBN 9781664112711

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 70 pages | ISBN 9781664112704

E-Book | 70 pages | ISBN 9781664112698

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Hope Stewart devotes most of her time working in the healthcare sector. But first and foremost, being a devoted Christian is her most important job. Visit for more information.

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