Kailo Patch Reviews – Nano Pain Patch launched

Kailo can reduce pain signals in your body. All you must do is identify the painful part of the body and apply the patch and get a drug-free solution to your problem.

Ventura, CA, Dec. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whether you are healthy or unhealthy, you often have to cope with pain in your daily life. As such, pain relief manufacturers continue to develop pain relievers. They come in the forms of capsules/tablets, creams, or ointments to rub on the skin. Others, like the Kailo pain relief patch, are removable patches.

So, what is Kailo? Who is the genius mind behind Kailo, and how does this work? Who can wear Kailo? Are there any side effects? Here is a comprehensive Kailo review to see all about these pain relief patches.

The Kailo is wearable, reusable, easy to use, and waterproof. It is designed to use capacitors to interact with your body's natural electrical capacitors to relieve pain. You can wear the Kailo patch; here is the good news, there is no specified time; you can choose to wear the pain relief for as long as you still feel pain.

What Are Kailo Patches?

Kailo can reduce pain signals in your body. All you must do is identify the painful part of the body and apply the patch and get a drug-free solution to your problem. The manufacturer has incorporated a silicon adhesive strip to the patch to help Kailo stick to the body's affected part with ease.

The Kailo pain relief was introduced to the market in 2019 after a successful Indiegogo campaign where the company eventually sold merchandise worth $5 million.

How to Use Kailo Pain Patches?

If you are a first-time user of the Kailo patch, here is a simple process you can use to ease the pain in any part of your body within seconds with no side-effects.

  • Step 1: Stick the Kailo over to the body's affected part directly on the skin until you notice reduced pain in the region, you will notice a difference once the Kailo pain patch starts to warm up or tingle, and you should feel the relief within seconds.
  • Step 2: After identifying the affected spot, unpeel the adhesive backing from the strip, then attach it to the back of the Kailo patch. While holding one end of the adhesive back, remove half of the backing, attach it to the Kailo and do the same to the second half of the backing.
  • Step 3: Peel off the adhesive backing of the path and gently apply it to your skin or clothing. Yes, attaching the Kailo to your clothing will equally relieve the pain from the affected part of your body. Another good thing is that when pulling the patch out when the pain finally goes, it does not pull hair from your body, which is likely to cause you pain.
  • Once you are done with the Kailo patch, wash it to restore its adhesive backing. Each Kailo pain relief patch can last for years before replacing it.

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How Does Kailo Work?

The Kailo pain patch interacts with the body. It allows the brain to communicate better with the injured part of the body and reduce the miscommunicated signal that results in discomfort or pain. The Kailo pain patch helps to assist the electric flow within your body.

It uses a bio antenna assisting the body to repair itself.

The Kailo pain patch technology does not have its plugin or battery; instead, the pain relief patch interacts with the body's natural electricity and communication signal. A TENS device does almost the same thing as the Kailo uses a battery to deliver low-voltage electric current to your body. Kailo does not send any electric current to the body but instead uses the natural electric signals already in existence. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Technologies Used by Kailo

Kailo uses different high-tech applications to transmit information to the brain to heal the body via the body s electrical system. Below are some of these technologies and how they help to relieve pain in your body.

  • Signal Transmission - The manufacturer of this product has used the patent-pending technology to help transmit through antennae-like probes to deliver signals from the affected area to the brain. As mentioned earlier, Kailo technology is based on signal transmission from one organ of the body to another,
  • Bio-identification - The Kailo interacts with the body's natural signals to help neurotransmitters send accurate information to the brain and alleviate pain in the body's affected area. Other pain patches performing the same function use chemicals to alter the brain's wave function, but the Kailo uses only natural signals to send information.
  • Energy Storage - Unlike other pain relief performing the same function, Kailo does not use batteries or any external source of energy; instead, it uses the body's energy. What happens is that energy is stored on the patch and capture the charge to operate.

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What Pain Can Kailo help with

Kailo pain technology can help with menstrual cramps, back pain, knee pain, head pain, and any other as directed by a physician.

  • Menstrual cramps: During this time, stick the Kailo pain patch to the lower part of your stomach; your pain will be relieved a few minutes later.
  • Back pain: Kailo is designed to use natural electric energy to turn down pain receptors on your back; if you are experiencing chronic pain, the Kailo is an excellent option to relieve you from any discomfort on your back.
  • Knee pain: If you are experiencing pain due to a knock or injury, Kailo could help alleviate pain within minutes after securely attaching the patch to your skin.
  • Headache: Kailo pain relief patches were initially designed for head and knee pain, all you need to do is attach the patch to your forehead, and the pain on your head will disappear within minutes.

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Why Use Kailo Pain Reliever

Since coming into the market, Kailo has proved to be one of the most reliable pain relief in the market, and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Reusability

A single Kailo is designed to work many years before losing its shape and functionality. All you must do is replace the patch's adhesive element located at the bottom of the unit. One unit can be for up to seven days before the adhesive element is replaced. Kailo pain reliever saves you money that would have been used to purchase other types of pain killers.

2. Easy to use

You do not need a specialist to help you deploy the patch to the body's affected part. All you must do is place the Kailo on the right spot of skin or clothes and wait for the results. You do not necessarily need to place the patch on your skin. The Kailo can be worn on top of your clothes, too. However, you must ensure that the unit is placed nearest to the affected part of the body. That allows the innovative non-transdermal technology and nanotech bio antenna to help change your body's electrical signals.

3. Waterproof

You may have encountered electrical impulse pain reliefs that break down when subjected to intense heat or water; Kailo is different. The Kailo patch manufacturer has ensured that it is strong enough to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. It can also be worn during a shower or even during a workout.

4. Works naturally

Contrary to what people think, Kailo does not contain any chemicals. Everything about Kailo is entirely natural; it utilizes nano capacitors as a bio antenna to help the body change the electrical signals to your brain. A little like a way to turn down the volume on pain.

5. Money-back guarantee

If you are worried about this product's quality, the manufacturer has given a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with this product. You can try it for well over 7 days to see the results of the non-invasive Kailo kit and how it interacts with yourself.

Scientific Proof of Kailo Effectiveness

The general customer reception of this product has been excellent. If you look through the testimonial by customers on the Kailo official website, you will find numerous claims of the product to provide short-term and long-term pain relief. The question, however, arises whether there is scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this product.

A research was conducted in October 2020 involving pain severity, pain interference, pain relief, and the effect of using Kailo on all these conditions. Patients selected for the study had different pain types, including mild, moderate, and chronic.

During the 30 days of using the Kailo patch, participants witnessed positive results, patient satisfaction, and most patients expressed their preference for this product over other medications. The study found that Kailo patched a significant decrease in pain severity and interference and improved users' quality of life.

In his final submission of the finding, Jeffrey Gudin, the study MD, found that the Kailo has the potential of eliminating the need for counter drugs and other pharmacological agents. Even though this study's full finding is yet to be released, it is no secret that this pain relief works for targeted relief. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Kailo Pricing and Where to Buy

If you are impressed by this Kailo review, and you would like to get one for yourself, all you need is to visit its official website and order one unit or several units. If you make just one order, you will have to part ways with $199; the package comes with a carry case and three adhesive strips. If you have the Kailo and need adhesive strips, they are also available on the official website, each costing $10 to $20.

The company offers several other purchase options, where the Kailo contains:

  • 1 for $99
  • Buddy Pack - Buy 2 get one free for $195
  • Family Pack- Buy three get two free for $489
  • Group Pack - Ten units Kailo for $949

The manufacturer offers free shipping, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee to all customers, allowing them to try it and see the results themselves. If you are not impressed by this product's quality, mail the customer support about your decision and immediately initiate a refund. Click here to discover the current discount!

Kailo Patch: General Information

For the Kailo to work as expected, you need to learn to place the patch correctly; otherwise, you will find yourself complaining about it being less useful than it actually is.

All customers have a money-back guarantee if the product does not work well for you. If you have any underlying condition or pregnant, you should consult a doctor before using Kailo patches.

Final Thoughts

If you experience any long term pain issues, you should definitely try the Kailo and see the claims for yourself. Kailo has helped thousands of people already with its work as a bio antenna to relieve pain.

All in all, no, this is not a scam. This is a high-tech product that you need to see to believe. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

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