A Cloud Guru Selected as a Microsoft Training Partner

Delivering enhanced, hands-on training options for AZ-900 certification with ACG


AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cloud Guru (ACG), a leader in modern tech skills development, today announced that it’s been selected as a Microsoft Training Partner. Additionally, ACG will join the Partner Steering Committee to assist in advancing technical skilling strategies across Microsoft’s entire portfolio.

A Cloud Guru and Microsoft will specifically collaborate to enhance the resources available for users looking to become Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certified. By integrating A Cloud Guru’s hands-on AZ-900 course and labs with Microsoft Learn’s content, users will experience an enhanced learning journey where they can develop practical Azure skills in a risk-free environment.

“Microsoft Azure content on A Cloud Guru has seen record-breaking traction this year,” said Sam Kroonenburg, CEO of A Cloud Guru. “Azure minutes watched on A Cloud Guru were up over 10x in September compared to last year. As the Azure portfolio continues to grow, our hands-on courses and labs have helped hundreds of thousands of people gain in-demand Azure skills and accelerate their careers in the cloud. As an official Microsoft Training Partner, we’re eager to see our impact on the Azure community grow even stronger.”

“The AZ-900 certification is the foundational course for establishing cloud fluency in Microsoft Azure, and we want our users to have access to a range of resources that will help them succeed,” said Alex Payne, Microsoft General Manager of Global Technical Learning. “With course content designed and curated by ACG architects, A Cloud Guru creates course material that’s fun, digestible and hands-on for people at all skill levels. Their approach is aligned with Microsoft Learn, making it a natural addition to our partner network and steering committee.”

A Cloud Guru has a broad, constantly updated library of Azure courses and labs. Additionally, its Cloud Playground helps learners get practical experience with Azure technologies and servers and offers a safe practice environment for people to learn by doing. To check out A Cloud Guru’s full Azure course library, see here. To access A Cloud Guru’s AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020 course, see here.

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