Wisely Launches New Shopping Tool to Help Consumers Spend Money Wisely

The Wisely browser extension aids shoppers on Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart by providing a democratized product score for consumer electronics––revealing which products are worth buying according to thousands of real reviews

SEATTLE, Dec. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Consumers are increasingly relying on online shopping for their tech purchases. Over 80% of tech shoppers turn to multiple product review sources before making a purchase. However, it is estimated that over half of online reviews exhibit extreme bias or bot interference, creating unreliable or misleading product reviews. Wisely, considered the new Consumer Reports, has reinvented product reviews allowing shoppers the best insights to make the wisest purchase decisions.

The Wisely extension shopping tool is now available to the public on Google Chrome. Wisely is a simpler, yet more reliable way to gain a trusted, definitive answer on which products are worth buying by analyzing and aggregating millions of shopper opinions on consumer electronics and summarizing them into a single Wisely Score.

When shopping on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, the Wisely browser extension delivers scores and product highlights throughout the shopping journey. Wisely’s technology has analyzed over millions of voices regarding thousands of TVs, smartphones, headphones, smart speakers, tablets and smartwatches—with insights updated weekly. The team has a vision to direct its scoring system across all product categories and services.

The company recently launched Wisely’s initial release and welcomes all to test the experience this holiday season. Download the Wisely shopping extension today for Google Chrome.

Wisely’s Score is a democratized view of what’s being said beyond the 5-star review. The Wisely rating works by accessing all relevant online information to gauge the reliability, helpfulness and overall sentiment of the product, and then inserts its findings into a rating formula resulting in a numeric result: the Wisely Score.

Wisely provides comprehensive insights and scores by implementing weighting factors of relevance, timeliness and reliability.

  • Relevance - Wisely increases the weight of reviews that mention important criteria, including additional features, use-cases and various buyer satisfaction factors in their review.
  • Timeliness - Wisely’s scores and insights are updated weekly with the latest helpful opinions from shoppers across the web.
  • Reliability - Wisely is working to identify biased product opinion and will soon detect bots, a common issue among ecommerce reviews.

Wisely’s Score considers: product brand, battery, comfort, design and style, ease of use, price and value, size, sound and audio. Wisely is also excited to introduce scores on customer service, key use cases ("gamerscore, student score"), as well as deeper levels of customization where a shopper has their own score based on the factors, use-cases and price points that matter most to them.

“When you listen to the various voices across the internet and summarize their opinions, you truly empower shoppers everywhere to buy intelligently,” said Joe Dieter, CEO of Wisely. “We believe shoppers everywhere deserve a deeper degree of transparency—a ‘democratized’ rating—a rating that isn't controlled by a big ecommerce platform or a big brand, but a rating made up of millions of actual shopper voices from all corners of the web.”

Since the spring of 2020, Wisely has seen an ecommerce boom on two fronts. Due to the coronavirus, high volumes of consumers are shopping online and writing reviews about products and their experience. In addition, the types of shoppers that are buying online has dramatically expanded. Shoppers that were buying only a few larger items online per year seasonally, have now shifted to shopping online monthly, or in many cases weekly.

“In 2020, there were more people than ever before engaged in an honest conversation about products and brands,” said Dieter. “We want to efficiently summarize those conversations for shoppers everywhere. The current buyer's journey has consumers setting aside a Saturday morning for research with 20 browser tabs open, before they buy that high priced item. Our solution makes any shopper instantly savvy because we deliver them quick access to the most helpful product insights so they can make the best decision for their particular needs.”

This year, Wisely closed a $1.2M Seed round. The company’s board includes market research veteran, Jamey Power, of J.D. Power.

For more information about Wisely, please visit https://wiselylabs.io/. Download the Wisely shopping extension today for Google Chrome.

Evan Sneider
Red Rooster PR