Boom Local Announces Company Launch and Partnership with Hoboken Business Alliance to Support Local in the Mile Square City

Local Guide Designed to Enable People to Easily Discover, Explore and Support Diverse Retailers, Restaurants and Businesses Nearby

Hoboken, N.J., Dec. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boom Local, a consumer-facing directory designed to connect customers with the small businesses in the cities and towns they live in and love, today announced its official launch and partnership with the Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA), the City of Hoboken’s Special Improvement District that is committed to supporting the local business community. Through its partnership, Hoboken is one of the first cities brought to life on the platform. Residents and visitors can go to Boom Local's Hoboken directory, powered by the HBA, to discover and explore all the diverse businesses that make the Mile Square city a unique and attractive place to live and visit.

Boom Local enables a simplified user search via keywords related to restaurants, retail stores, service providers and more; as well as allows users to search for specific types of businesses, such as veteran-owned, female-owned and minority-owned businesses. From a small business-owner perspective, the platform is easily customizable and allows owners to add photos, social channels, product categories and other helpful information, including specials and promotions for specific timeframes.

“Shopping locally is more critical now than ever. Doing so creates jobs and generates tax revenue, which often supports education and infrastructure, while maintaining a city culture and pride that benefits generations of residents to come,” said Eric Fischgrund, Cofounder of Boom Local and Hoboken resident. “We are very appreciative of the HBA and its leadership for partnering with Boom Local to connect customers with the local businesses they intentionally seek to do business with. We are confident that this partnership will demonstrate the platform’s ability to serve as a resource for consumers, ultimately resulting in site traffic, foot traffic, social engagement and revenue for Hoboken’s small business community.”

Boom Local considers itself an alternative to the big tech standouts, delivery services and retail conglomerates, which often charge small businesses significant fees and can contribute to the erosion of small businesses overall. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, more than 100,000 restaurants, a majority with less than five locations, are predicted to close this year, which ultimately has significant consequences, damages communities and eats away at jobs, tax revenues and local cultures. In a year when small businesses are being so severely impacted, it is crucial to create a platform that helps these establishments connect with their customers and the local community.

“We are always looking for new products and technologies that will benefit the Hoboken small business community and are especially excited this new offering was created by fellow Hoboken residents,” said Stuart Z. Koperweis, Executive Director of the Hoboken Business Alliance. “We are confident that this directory, which is also an integrated resource on the HBA website, will provide Hoboken residents and visitors with the information needed to easily shop locally, as well as provide our local business owners with another resource to more efficiently market their businesses, connect with their customers and provide an additional boost at a time when it’s needed most.”

Boom Local is a consumer-facing directory connecting customers with the small businesses in the cities and towns they live in and love - at no charge to the small business or the customer itself. Boom Local believes that small businesses are central to the health of towns and cities, creating jobs, driving revenue which in turn drives taxes, and further enriches the community. The Boom Local platform was designed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic by cofounders Alexander Coles, Head of Design; Eric Fischgrund, Head of Business Development; Andrew Raub, Lead Developer; and Jeremy Stoltzfus, Head of Operations. Follow Boom Local on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA), a Special Improvement District created by the Office of the Mayor and City Council, is committed to supporting the local Hoboken community. The HBA was formed to improve the district’s area and stimulate business in Hoboken. The HBA is here to ensure a safe, accessible, and prosperous business district that attracts residents and visitors to shop, eat, play, and stay in Hoboken. For more information, visit or follow Hoboken Business Alliance on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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