Rookout’s Modern Debugging Platform Brings Server Performance Metrics to Developers

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rookout, the modern debugging platform, today announced it will bring server performance metrics directly into the debugging workflow for the first time. Traditionally, telemetry related to CPU spikes, memory leaks, and disks filling up were prioritized solely by IT Operations teams using traditional monitoring and APM tools. However, with the shift-left DevOps movement, it’s critical that software developers understand how their code is impacting production and that they care about metrics such as uptime.

“Over the past decade software developers have become more and more invested in the server metrics underneath their code,” said Liran Haimovitch, CTO and co-founder of Rookout. “Traditional debugging is painful enough -- let alone having to context switch between your debugger and an APM tool. This is why we’ve decided to bring relevant server health metrics directly into the debugging workflow, so developers can see their application code alongside infrastructure health, in one place, to understand the full picture.”

The idea for a more seamless debugging workflow came back in February, at the AppDynamics global event Transform 2020. It was there that Rookout announced a formal integration with AppDynamics called Deep Code Insights, which allowed IT Operations teams to notice a performance issue, such as a CPU spike or memory leak, and then leverage Rookout’s technology to click directly into the application code, in order to pinpoint and diagnose the root cause.

Today, that workflow can be inverted for organizations interested in shifting left, due to Rookout’s native ability to surface performance metrics inside the tool where the developer already lives. “We want to make it easier for developers to understand their software,” said Shahar Fogel, CEO of Rookout. “This will drastically improve enterprise velocity and agility, as it becomes much simpler to correlate code innovation to its impact on performance.”

According to the analyst firm Digital Enterprise Journal, 61% of organizations report the “time spent trying to identify the root cause” and the “lack of actionable context from monitoring data” as key challenges for ensuring optimal performance in production. “Rookout created a developer-centric software which short-circuits complexities in production debugging, increases developer efficiency, and reduces the friction which exists between IT Ops and developers," said Rob Salvagno, VP of Cisco Global Corporate Development and Cisco Investments.

About Rookout
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Adam LaGreca
Founder, 10KMedia