Latest Dental 3D Printing Study from SmarTech Analysis Predicts Shifting Market Trends in Wake of COVID-19, Market to Surpass 2019 Levels in 2021 with $3.1B in Revenues

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NEW YORK, Dec. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Previously one of the most stable and fast-growing opportunities for 3D printing technologies, in 2020 the dental 3D printing market was thrown into upheaval by the global coronavirus pandemic and resulting health response. Although the rest of the additive manufacturing industry has also been thrown into temporary chaos - along with the global manufacturing economy in general - the dental industry in early 2020 has been especially negatively impacted due to acute government restrictions discouraging, or outright prohibiting, non-emergency dental care.

SmarTech’s sixth edition of Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry market study shows a resilient market opportunity, however, with a quick bounce-back recovery already well underway. Though the key to a return to growth in 2021 hinges on new approaches to restricting healthcare services by government entities as the pandemic continues longer than originally expected, SmarTech’s latest short term outlook anticipates dental printing market revenues will return to growth in the coming year - but powered by slightly shifting trends.

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About the Report

SmarTech Analysis has provided annual studies into the evolving opportunities in dental 3D printing since 2014, making this the longest running dedicated research study for professionals in the dental industry available. The latest edition of the report focuses on analyzing the market under the current pandemic-related conditions and providing realistic short-term market recovery forecasts, combined with an analysis of the longer term shifts in dental consumer behavior resulting from COVID-19 which could impact demand for dental 3D printing solutions.

In addition to an extensive written analysis of the changing market dynamics, dental industry stakeholders who purchase the study also receive the most extensive database of dental 3D printing market opportunity and forecast data available, updated for the changes resulting from the ongoing pandemic impacts and expected market recovery timeline.

From the Report

  • Technical innovations haven’t ceased in the pandemic either, as ceramic restoration printing and permanent printable dental composites have taken notable steps forward into the ‘final frontier’ of dental printing. The dental ceramic printing market will, henceforward, become structurally significant to the dental 3D printing market. Micro-filled hybrid temporary crown materials have been utilized in increasing manner for several years, and are now entering the permanent restoration realm in earnest thanks to companies such as BEGO. However, these solutions will now be augmented - and to some degree competitive - with the printing of true zirconia restorations through more specialized solutions aimed at the production center level, from both XJet and Lithoz.
  • If nothing else, the magnitude of ongoing development activities show that while lots of things have been on ‘pause’ in 2020 throughout the world of business, dental 3D printing still remains relatively optimistic about its future - a sentiment which SmarTech shares. SmarTech believes that the pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for the dental 3D printing market.

  • Although expectations for 2020 and 2021 are lower for the dental 3D printing market than previously projected even earlier this year, it appears the dental market’s recovery is likely to peak at around 65-80 percent of previous levels. Though the COVID pandemic has intensified in the end of 2020, the underlying value proposition of 3D printing in the dental field not only remains, but will be strengthened by the pandemic (much like all of additive manufacturing).

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Source: SmarTech Analysis

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