Zyter Introduces Virtual Rounding Solution for Physicians; Increases Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

Zyter Virtual Rounding™ Integrates with Hospital EHR Systems to Enable Context-Aware Video Chat During Virtual Rounds

Rockville, Maryland, Dec. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zyter, Inc., a leading digital health and IoT-enablement platform, announced today the availability of Zyter Virtual Rounding™, a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based telehealth solution enabling physicians to conduct virtual hospital rounds. Featuring multi-party video chat, the Zyter solution makes it possible for nurses, residents, medical students, and even the patient’s family members to remotely and safely participate in virtual visits in COVID-19 wards and all other hospital units.

More than a secure video chat platform, Zyter Virtual Rounding integrates with the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system to give physicians and care teams real-time access to the patient’s EHR within the Zyter solution’s context-aware video chat as they conduct the virtual visit. As a result, physicians and nurses have the patient’s medical history, test results, medications, and more, instantly at their fingertips to help them provide prompt, more informed care during rounds. Hospital residents and medical students accompanying physicians on virtual rounds also benefit from the learning experience of having a comprehensive view of each patient’s case.

Physicians have the flexibility to conduct virtual rounding in two ways – physically in the patient’s room while using Zyter Virtual Rounding on a tablet while the care team attends virtually, or remotely from the physician’s office or any other location. In the latter scenario, a clinician at the hospital will place a tablet with Zyter Virtual Rounding on a stand at the patient’s bedside for the patient to use during the virtual visit. The physician initiates a virtual visit on Zyter Virtual Rounding by clicking on a patient’s hospital room number. The patient, the care team, and the patient’s family members all receive notification of the virtual visit via email or SMS messaging so they can connect and participate.

Using Zyter Virtual Rounding, hospitals can improve clinical workflow and patient care while enhancing the safety of physicians and patients during rounds, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Another benefit of Zyter Virtual Rounding is the potential cost savings on personal protective equipment (PPE) by reducing the number of care team members who are physically present in the patient’ room. For example, only the physician in the room requires PPE, while the six or more residents or medical students attending remotely through the application do not. 

“Zyter Virtual Rounding is a game changer as it enables physicians and others to not only see the patient, but also see every detail of that patient’s medical record during a video chat call,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “By bringing in more data, the quality of care during virtual rounds can increase because physicians have a complete, holistic view of their patients and conditions.”

Zyter Virtual Rounding easily scales up to any number of participants and can be securely accessed through a browser on any iOS or Android digital tablet or mobile device with a cellular or Internet connection. Zyter Virtual Rounding can also be integrated with other telehealth solutions such as in-home visits, patient device monitoring, and remote patient monitoring.

For more information on Zyter’s telehealth and COVID-19 solutions please visit www.Zyter.com.

About Zyter, Inc.

Zyter, founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Sanjay Govil, provides a cloud-based, 5G-ready platform that enables better outcomes in telehealth, home health, and remote patient monitoring, while also supporting IoT/smart technology and thermal imaging solutions. The platform’s open architecture, military-grade security, and compliance with multiple industry standards enables organizations in healthcare, education, entertainment, government, and transportation to easily and effectively connect, communicate, collaborate and engage. In 2020, the company won more than 50 awards for its solutions including Best Health Care and Medical Innovation as well as Company Innovation of the Year (One Planet Awards, Silver). The privately-held company is based in Rockville, Md. For more information, please visit www.Zyter.com.

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Physician rounding is at the heart of the hospital experience. The personal, face- to-face interaction between physicians and patients is vital to high quality care, as
is the active collaboration of an extended care team, including specialists, nurses, residents, and medical students. However, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and depersonalized that experience for both providers and patients until now. 

Zyter is pioneering a new modality of hospital patient care with Zyter Virtual RoundingTM, a cloud-based, secure video chat solution built upon Zyter’s digital health platform.  Zyter Virtual Rounding is at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now with this solution, residents and medical students don't miss out on real-world training and can be included in physician rounds while staying safe from COVID19. More than simply a video chat solution for virtual physician visits, Zyter Virtual Rounding can be integrated with the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system to enable context-aware video chat. During a virtual visit to the patient’s room, physicians and all members of
the care team can instantly access the patient’s health history, recent diagnosis, test results, medication list, vital sign data, physician’s notes, and more during a Zyter secure video chat. 

Learn more at: www.Zyter.com/VirtualRounding

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