LogistiCare Partners with Care Finders Total Care, LLC and Lyft to Create Unique Program Providing Critical Transportation Support for Home Health Aides

Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey looks toward expansion of pilot program to help care for more patients at home

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

Denver, CO, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogistiCare, the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation company and the contracted transportation vendor for New Jersey Medicaid participants, is partnering with Care Finders Total Care, LLC, the largest non-medical homecare agency in New Jersey, and Lyft, the transportation network, to transport certified home health aides to homes of New Jersey residents who need their help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for businesses all over the country. Erratic and sometimes unreliable public transportation schedules, coupled with fear of infection, have made it particularly challenging for essential workers like home health aides who are often dependent on public transportation to travel to their clients’ homes. Now, home health aides can request on-demand Lyft rides through LogistiCare, ensuring their access to reliable transportation.

The partnership between LogistiCare, Lyft, and Care Finders Total Care, LLC represents a further evolution of the company’s original contract with the New Jersey Department of Human Services, which began with transportation of Medicaid patients, expanded to include the delivery of food and groceries in March, and now includes transportation of certified home health aides to patient homes.

As the fastest growing homecare agency in the Northeast region, Care Finders Total Care, LLC has been at the forefront of proactive COVID-19 responsiveness since the outbreak of the pandemic. Care Finders Total Care, LLC is dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of caregivers, their families, and patients, with availability of ample PPE. Transportation, however, is a constant challenge.

“Helping to transport essential home health aides to their jobs so they can provide critical care for home-bound patients and support the needs of their clients is gratifying for us and for our network of transportation providers,” said Kenneth W. Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for LogistiCare. “This unique partnership demonstrates our desire to work collaboratively with organizations who need transportation resources to support and fulfill their missions.”

“We are delighted to be working with LogistiCare and Lyft,” said Martha Stuart Williams, COO of Care Finders Total Care, LLC. “They have provided a critical transportation solution for our workforce, which allows our patients to receive the essential services they need in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing our partnership to deliver the quality care and superior health outcomes that are central to our mission,” Williams added.

LogistiCare’s ongoing relationship with the State of New Jersey and its new relationship with Care Finders Total Care, LLC, food banks, municipalities, nonprofits, school systems, and government entities, represents the company’s desire and ability to adjust to meet the needs of the state’s most vulnerable residents during the pandemic.

Nancy Fitterer, M.A., President & CEO of the Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey, expects the initial program with Care Finders Total Care, LLC to expand with more agencies looking to LogistiCare to provide transportation for their home health aides. “Never have we faced a bigger need to create unique and efficient transportation options for home health aides to reach the homes of their Medicaid patients,” Fitterer said. “With what appears to be a long winter ahead faced with growing COVID-19 restrictions, we must continue to provide seamless, critical care to patients unable to leave their homes.”

About Providence Service Corporation and LogistiCare

LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corporation, is the nation’s largest manager of non-emergency medical transportation (“NEMT”) programs for state government agencies and managed care organizations. LogistiCare’s services include NEMT ride management, call center management, transportation provider network development and credentialing, and vendor administration.

LogistiCare is focused on providing access to convenient, cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation. LogistiCare delivers tech-enabled solutions that provide enhanced functionality, stronger network performance, streamlined workflow processes, and higher overall system efficiency. Annually LogistiCare manages over 63 million trips for more than 24 million eligible riders in 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information about LogistiCare visit www.logisticare.com.  

About Care Finders Total Care, LLC

Care Finders Total Care, LLC is one of the leading in-home care agencies in the Northeast providing home healthcare services to over 8500 patients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut from 26 offices. Care Finders Total Care, LLC was founded in 1995 and in New Jersey is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation on Home Care (CAHC). It employs over 7600 Certified Home Health Aides and over 180 Registered Nurses and LPNs. For more information, visit www.carefinders.org, or contact Linda Mintz, Co-Chairman at 201-695-8050.

About Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey

The Home Care & Hospice Association of New Jersey is a state-wide, non-profit, 501(c)6, trade association representing licensed home health agencies, health care service firms and hospices.  The Association was founded in 1973 by a group of New Jersey home health agencies.  Since that time, it has continued to grow, while still providing the same advocacy and education for which it was founded. To learn more, visit www.homecarenj.org.

About Lyft

Lyft was founded in 2012 and is one of the largest transportation networks in the United States and Canada. As the world shifts away from car ownership to transportation-as-a-service, Lyft is at the forefront of this massive societal change. Lyft’s transportation network brings together rideshare, bikes, scooters, car rentals and transit all in one app. Lyft is singularly driven by its mission: to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. Learn more at www.lyft.com.


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