Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker Releases Inspiring Memoir That Inspires Readers to Persevere Through Challenging Times

In “Hard Truth: Growing out of Adversity”, author Dr. Lynda Ince-Greenaway bravely recounts her past to share the incredible lessons she has learned from a life filled with love and loss

Hertfordshire, U.K., Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leadership coach, motivational speaker, and social worker Dr. Lynda Ince-Greenaway has helped countless professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and ambitions through her services at Connected Life Coaching. In her memoir, “Hard Truth: Growing out of Adversity”, she revisits the moments that drastically impacted her life, explores the transformations those experiencing grief and trauma undergo, and how to move forward in the face of adversity. Focusing on how to address life’s challenges, Dr. Ince-Greenaway’s relatable story will inspire readers and reveal the moments in her life that made her into the strong, yet caring, woman she is today.


Sharing her experience of migrating to England from Barbados as a teenager to the loss of her father, husband, mother, and brother, this stirring book seeks to provide comfort and support for those healing from loss, discrimination and bullying through an understanding of the healing power of faith, love, and family. “Hard Truth" has so much to give to readers looking for guidance as it shares how Christian values, hope, and family helped Dr Ince-Greenaway cope with loss and build a life full of resilience, success, and happiness.


Grief is a universal experience but remains a difficult subject to discuss for many. The focus of this book is to explore the role death and loss plays in our life through analysis of Dr. Ince-Greenaway’s experiences.


“I have learnt that life is challenging,” Lynda says, “but I have also learnt that the very act of fighting back, persevering and moving forward makes It possible to overcome adversity and become resilient.” 


“Hard Truth” beautifully reminds readers they are not alone while undergoing great periods of change whether that be loss, moving to a new country, beginning their career, or entering parenthood.


“Hard Truth: Growing out of Adversity”

By Lynda Ince-Greenaway Ph.D.

ISBN: 9781982249137 (softcover); 9781982249151 (hardcover); 9781982249144 (electronic)

Available at the Balboa Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Dr. Ince-Greenaway is a leadership coach, motivational speaker, and author of “Making it Alone: A Study of the Care Experiences of Black Young People”. She grew up in Barbados and migrated to the United Kingdom with her family during the 1960s at the onset of her adolescence. She completed her education in England and developed her career as a social work practitioner. After gaining her Master of Philosophy from Brunel University, she became a senior lecturer and educator. She gained her Ph.D. at the University of Birmingham and has since become a leader in her field and has helped countless professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and ambitions as a coach and speaker for Connected Life Coaching. Following the publication of “Making it Alone”, she was granted an honorarium to present the findings of this study at Florida State University. In 2001, she received recognition from the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners for commitment, dedication, and inspiration to professionals and others in the community. She resides in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. To learn more, please visit https://connectedlifecoaching.co.uk/




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