View Systems, Inc. (VSYM) to Declare Dividend of Shares in Operating Entity, View Systems International, Inc., to spin out their ViewScan Technology and Focus on Developing their South American Cannabis Operations.


 Sannabis was recently issued a Fabrication License by the Colombian Government and anticipates soon the approval of Cultivation and Seed Use Licenses.

Baltimore, MD, Dec. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- View Systems, Inc. (OTC:VSYM) will declare a dividend of shares in wholly owned subsidiary, View Systems International, Inc. (VSII), to shareholders on a record date yet to be determined. View Systems, Inc. will transfer the assets, intellectual property, and licensing rights for the ViewScan Concealed Weapon Detections System to View Systems International. The corporate separation will be accompanied by a registration statement. An SEC attorney has been retained to file such registration. VSII will be offering new shares in a private placement memorandum (PPM) to be registered in addition to the dividend shares. Investors interested in receiving the PPM should contact the Company at

View Systems, Inc. is the developer of the award winning ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detector with over 500 security units installed around the World. In 2019, ViewScan won the Best Anti-Terrorism Product at the Security Industry Association Expo in Las Vegas. Their systems are installed and still in operation in many cases for over 15 years at: the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington D.C., The White House Communications Agency (WHCA), IRS-Boston Field Office, almost all Maryland and New Jersey Department of Corrections facilities, most High Schools in the Detroit Public School System, Courthouses in 20 counties in Georgia, Courthouses in San Bernardino, CA, and many, many more installations including banks, seaports, and police stations across the United States. Internationally, View Systems’ portals have been purchased by the Army of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China and other foreign entities. For more information visit

ViewScan has generated over $ 12 MM in sales over the years and will build on its 20-year foundation to make the next generation of ViewScans. The Company entered into a licensing agreement with IP Video Corp to produce the ViewScan in exchange for a royalty. IP Video Corp. showcased ViewScan at the largest security Expo in Las Vegas and won Best Anti-Terrorism Product.

This report by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) notes more features for ViewScan than the other portals tested,

Additionally, ViewScan is being used by major distributors of small electronics to control employee theft of small high value goods. Take a look at this case study by Ingram Micro, a $ 50 Billion distributor of electronics,

View Systems International, Inc. is raising capital to build the new and improved ViewScan II for the U.S. and global market, to fill existing international orders. VSII will build these units in Barranquilla, Colombia, in line with the U.S. govt. encouragement to near-shore operations. Anticipated cost per unit has reduced significantly and will increase profit margins.

VSII plans to build units in Barranquilla, Colombia to distribute to South America and globally. Barranquilla’s Ports are Free Trade Zones and only 3 hours from continental US by air. View Systems International has pre-orders of ViewScan from long standing international customers. VSII engineers have been working on sought for modifications to enhance the versatility and modalities of the View Scan’s current detection systems.

View Systems, Inc. will simultaneously complete the acquisition of Sannabis S.A.S., a Colombian cannabis company. Sannabis was established in 2014 by John Campo f/b/o New Colombia Resources, Inc., and Juan Paulo Guzman to make cannabis products legally on an Indian Reservation. This led to cannabis legalization in Colombia, Sannabis assisted in the drafting of legislation with proof of concept and has assisted many patients in Colombia affording them much Goodwill. For a timeline of the beginning of Sannabis and their more than 20 year promoting legal cannabis in Colombia, click here.

Sannabis has Health Registrations for topical products that can be imported to the U.S. Most products on U.S. shelves today are not recognized by any National Health Authority. These products can all be white labeled for U.S. companies and imported with these registrations. Click here to see some registrations from INVIMA, Colombia's FDA. We can add any name to our registered brands and export to the U.S. Cannabis companies interested in learning how they can customize products for them, should contact Sannabis at

Sannabis expects to have all four cannabis licenses in Colombia.

  1. Seed Use License- pending approval, completing Seed Bank construction, click here to see progress on greenhouses.
  2. Fabrication and Export License- APPROVED, click here to see copy of issuance.
  3. THC Cultivation License- Pending approval once small surveying work done on our fields.
  4. Hemp Cultivation License- Pending approval once survey done. 

Sannabis also has ownership in a cannabis company in Uruguay, Campo de Violetas S.A. that can export raw flower. Company president has a USDA Import Permit to for Cannabis into the U.S., click here.

View Systems, Inc. expects to file a Form-10Q for Q3 of 2020 with the SEC at any moment.

About View Systems International, inc..

View Systems and View Systems International provide security and surveillance products to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military and commercial businesses. View Systems' products are used by commercial businesses and residential consumers wishing to monitor their assets and limit their liability. For more information, visit

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